1 Billion Followers Summit 2024 to Inspire and Upskill 3,000 Content Creators Through 20 Exclusive Workshops

1 Billion Followers Summit 2024 to Inspire and Upskill 3,000 Content Creators Through 20 Exclusive Workshops

The 1 Billion Followers Summit, set to take place from 10-11 January 2024, will feature over 20 exclusive workshops across various topics designed to elevate strategic prowess, creativity, monetisation strategies, and platform growth.

Led by social media experts, including Salah Abo El Magd, Kareem Esmail, anc Dhruv Rathee, among other pioneering figures, the workshop schedule across the four tracks of “Get Ahead”, “Get Paid", “Get Creative” and “Get Connected”, promises to be an invaluable opportunity for content creators to upskill, gain insights, and acquire hands-on expertise for effective content creation.

Organised by the “New Media Academy” at the Emirates Towers and the Museum of the Future, the 2-day summit will act as a learning playground specifically curated for content creators, influencers, and creatives. It will offer over 100 activities with the participation of more than 190 renowned speakers including content creators, professionals, and CEOs, who have all shown what it takes to create a global following.

Alia Al Hammadi, CEO of New Media Academy, stated,

"The 1 Billion Followers Summit will enrich the skills of over 3000 content creators through a series of specialised workshops covering a wide range of topics, including the fundamentals of digital content creation, marketing, digital data analysis, and other workshops that provide a comprehensive learning experience, offering digital content creators the opportunity to reach millions of followers and generate income, achieving financial independence for them."

She added,

"The 1 Billion Followers Summit solidifies the UAE's position as a global hub for the content industry and reflects its commitment to supporting the digital sector. It is a unique opportunity for content creators to develop their skills and enhance their presence on social media platforms."

She continued,

“The Academy is keen on developing digital skills for content creators, promoting the creative industries sector, and creating a creative movement that meets our region's need for digital skills supporting strategies in the digital economy filled with opportunities. This is reflected in the summit by attracting globally experienced experts with the aim of preparing a new generation capable of professional competencies, capable of presenting a model civilised image of the Arab region.”

Workshops in the “Get Ahead” Track Amir Goumaa, Social Media Producer at Asharq Business with Bloomberg takes the stage to discuss the transformation of media giants into digital content creators and unveil strategies for engaging millions across platforms in “How to Make Your Journalism Sell on Social Media.”

In the “Get Paid” Track, globetrotter, Christian LeBlanc, Founder of Lost Creator Academy, guides attendees through “Ditch Your Job, Create for Money,” providing valuable insights into transitioning from the traditional 9-5 routine to attaining full-time creative freedom.

Salah Abo Al Majd, a seasoned entrepreneur and executive coach, guides participants through practical strategies for growth, resilience, motivation, strategic marketing, and sustainable business growth - giving participants the ability to outpace over 90 percent of competitors and achieve a remarkable 10X increase in sales. Muhammad Alchaar, a professional phone videographer, hosts “Make Videos That Go Viral,” delving into the secrets behind crafting viral videos and providing hands-on experience in filming and editing techniques.

The “Get Together” Track commences with “Prime Your Mind for Creative Success” by Kareem Esmail, a positive psychology coach who will unlock strategies for prioritising mental well-being, and empowering creators on their mental health journey.

In the “Get Paid” Track, Mohamad Fattal, Founder CEO ‘Alfan’, a platform for creators influencers will host “Monetize Your Content Like a Pro” providing a step-by-step guide to crafting a business plan for content creation.

The “Get Ahead” Track will feature “Unlock ChatGPT’s Full Potential!” with India’s Biggest Educator, Dhruv Rathee, supplying a hands-on workshop for mastering artificial Intelligence programs and boosting productivity in work, education, and daily life. Haitham Hilal, Digital Growth Manager at Al Mashhad, will present “Digital Trends Analysis and Newsy Storytelling,” to empower participants with essential digital skills and the art of news storytelling.

The “Get Creative” Track showcases “Produce Your Own Show” with world famous content creator and TV personality Franziska Niehus, guiding creators through the journey of creating a successful online show. Creator extraordinaire, Liam Dipple will lead “Convert Your Views into Followers,” teaching essential skills for planning and producing engaging thumbnails, pictures, and videos on social platforms. Ahmed Gamal Arafa, Art Director at the Post Office and Disney+ Art Director of Kizazi Moto’s episode: First Totem Problems, dives into the world of visual storytelling and creating graphics that resonate with audiences in the workshop “Graphic Magic to Make You Famous”.

Social media platforms such as Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube are set to host a series of engaging workshops. Meanwhile, the Al Daheeh creative team will convene for an exclusive two-day, hands-on workshop on “How to Produce a Da7ee7 Episode”. This unique opportunity will provide participants with an inside look into the creative process behind the much-loved episodes, ensuring an enriching and insightful experience.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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