2-day trip to Hatta

2-day trip to Hatta

Dubai's glitz and skyscrapers might dominate the postcards, but just a drive away, Hatta offers a slice of adventure and culture you wouldn't want to miss. Once a part of Oman, this Dubai exclave, nestled in the Hajar Mountains, is your go-to spot for an escape.

So, grab your gear, pack your excitement, and hit the road for a journey filled with adventure, nature, and loads of fun in Hatta!

Getting There:

A mere 90-minute drive from Dubai, the journey to Hatta is an adventure in itself. You can rent a car and hit the road, enjoying the beautiful landscape along the Sharjah-Kalba route. For a hassle-free journey, consider the H02 Hatta Express from Dubai Mall Station, featuring deluxe coaches complete with bathrooms, air conditioning, and Wi-Fi. The trip costs about AED 25 per person and takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Day 1: Dive into the Heart of Adventure

Morning to Afternoon: A Thrill-Packed Day at Hatta Wadi Hub

Kick off your Hatta adventure at the Hatta Wadi Hub. From downhill carting and zorbing to archery and the human slingshot, your inner adrenaline junkie will be in heaven. And guess what? They keep adding more thrilling activities, like an inflatable obstacle course and off-road electric scooters!

Location: Just a stone's throw from the Hatta Dam.

Opening Hours: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM (October to May).

  • Downhill Carting
    Experience the thrill of gravity-fueled racing in a downhill cart. Navigate twists and turns on a downhill track, feeling the rush as you speed towards the finish line.
    • Cost: Approximately AED 60 per ride.
    • Tip: Wear comfortable shoes and use sunscreen.
  • Zorbing

Step inside a giant transparent orb and roll down a hill, experiencing a unique blend of weightlessness and speed. It's a tumbling, exhilarating ride that offers laughs and adrenaline in equal measure.

    • Cost: Around AED 50 per roll.
    • Tip: Not for the faint-hearted; avoid if you get dizzy easily.
  • Archery

Test your precision and focus with archery, aiming arrows at a target set at various distances. It's a challenging and rewarding activity, perfect for competitors and casual participants alike.

    • Cost: Starts at AED 40 for a session.
    • Tip: Great for groups; compete with friends for a fun challenge.
  • Adventure Rope Courses and Wall Climbing

Tackle obstacles high up in the air on the adventure rope courses, designed to test your balance, strength, and nerve. Navigate through a series of challenges, from swinging bridges to tightropes, in a safe and controlled environment.

Or scale new heights on the wall climbing course, challenging yourself both physically and mentally. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced climber, there's a route that will push your limits.

    • Cost: AED 75 for rope courses, AED 60 for wall climbing.
    • Tip: Ensure to wear tight-fitting clothing and sneakers.
  • Axe Throwing

Embrace your inner warrior with axe throwing, where technique and accuracy lead to the satisfying thud of an axe hitting its target. It's a fun way to release stress and compete with friends.

    • Cost: Approximately AED 45 per session.
    • Tip: Listen to the instructors for technique tips and safety.
  • Free-fall Jumps and Trampolining

Experience the stomach-dropping sensation of a free-fall jump from a platform, safely landing on a giant airbag below. It's a test of courage and a rush like no other.

But if you are not up for that, you can also bounce on trampolines, perform flips and leaps, or simply enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. It's fun for all ages and a great way to let off some steam.

    • Cost: AED 50 for free-fall, AED 40 for trampoline access.
    • Tip: Check height and weight restrictions for the free-fall jumps.

Evening: Mountain Biking and Horseback Riding

Don't slow down yet! Explore the rugged landscape on two wheels at the Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre, offering routes for all skill levels. Or, for a more laid-back adventure, enjoy horseback riding through the picturesque trails, and making friends with Arabian horses.

  • Mountain Biking at Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Centre
    • Cost: Free to ride, bike rentals start at AED 85 per hour.
    • Tip: Bring water, a helmet, and knee pads.
  • Horseback Riding at Hatta Horses
    • Cost: Starts at AED 100 per hour.
    • Booking: Recommended to book in advance.

Where to Crash: Starry Nights and Cozy Beds

Under the Stars: Camping and Glamping in Hatta

Pitch your tent at Hatta's dedicated campsite, or for a more luxurious outdoor experience, check out the glamping options. From trailers and domes to lodges, you're spoiled for choice. Enjoy nature without giving up your Wi-Fi or comfy bed!

  • Camping at Hatta: Under the Stars
    • Location: Close to Hatta Wadi Hub.
    • Cost: Camping spots start at AED 130 per night.
    • Facilities: Access to water but no mains power; shared facilities available.
  • Glamping: Luxury Meets Nature
    • Options: Hatta Dome Park and Sedr Trailers Resort.
    • Cost: Domes start at AED 700, Trailers at AED 600 per night.
    • Facilities: Wi-Fi, ensuite bathrooms, outdoor terraces, and fire pits.

Luxury in the Mountains: JA Hatta Fort Hotel

Prefer solid walls and a plush bed? The JA Hatta Fort Hotel offers chalet-style rooms with stunning mountain views and a host of activities right on your doorstep. It's the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation.

  • Location: Overlooking the Hajar Mountains.
  • Cost: Rooms start at AED 900 per night.
  • Amenities: Swimming pools, spa, various dining options, and activity centers.
  • Tip: Book in advance, especially during the cooler months.

Day 2: Nature, Culture, and Culinary Delights

Morning: Kayak and Breakfast

Start your day with an early morning kayak session on Hatta Dam, followed by a delicious breakfast with a view. There's no better way to kickstart another day of exploration.

  • Location: Hatta Dam
  • Cost: Starts at AED 60 for kayak rental.
  • Breakfast Spots: Local food trucks near Hatta Wadi Hub offer great options.
  • Tip:
    • Start early to enjoy the calm and cooler temperatures on the water.
    • Bring a hat and sunglasses, maybe a waterproof bag for your belongings.

Midday: Honeybee Discovery & Heritage Village

Next up, visit the Hatta Honeybee Discovery Centre. Don the beekeeper suit and learn about the crucial role bees play in our environment. Then, step back in time at the Hatta Heritage Village, immersing yourself in 3,000 years of history.

  • Hatta Honeybee Discovery Centre
    • Cost: AED 50 for entry.
    • Tip: Wear light colors to avoid attracting bees; booking a tour in advance is advised.
  • Hatta Heritage Village
    • Entry: Free.
    • Tip: Great for families and history buffs; don’t forget your camera.

Evening: Swan Lake and Delicious Eats

Wrap up your adventure with a visit to Swan Lake, a serene spot perfect for some birdwatching. For your final meal, head to one of the local food trucks for some authentic Emirati dishes, capping off your trip with a taste of local culture.

  • Dining Options: Tanoor Lahm restaurant for authentic Emirati dishes, Sedr Bites for quick bites.
  • Cost: Meals start at AED 50 per person.
  • Tip: Try the local honey; it’s a sweet souvenir!

As you drive back to Dubai, your mind and camera will be full of memories from Hatta. From the adrenaline-pumping activities at Hatta Wadi Hub to the serene mornings at Hatta Dam, each moment tells a story of adventure and discovery.

With this detailed guide, you're all set for a trip filled with action, culture, and relaxation. Don’t just take our word for it; pack your bags and see for yourself why Hatta is a treasure worth discovering!

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