6 delicious delights you must try at Global Village season 27

6 delicious delights you must try at Global Village season 27

From staple delights like the Aloo Tikki chaat to fine Austrian desserts like the Kaeserchmaren cake, their 250 F&B outlets are sure to leave you satiated.

The 27th season of Global Village is well underway with brand new pavilions, attractions and entertainment options.

When the our team reached Global Village on Wednesday at 5.30pm, it was already bustling with people. As the evening wore on, the destination became ever busier, as residents and visitors flocked to check out all the new attractions.

With over 250 food and beverage outlets, Global Village has always been a food-lover’s paradise.

“This is a great place for restaurants to test the waters before setting up an outlet in Dubai,”

said Jaki Ellenby, Executive Director of Marketing, Global Village.

“We have had a lot of brands that first started here and then went on to become extremely popular restaurants in the city.”

Here is a list of 6 must try food items at Global Village this year:

Aloo Tikki Chaat at Khaoji

It is for the first time ever that Global Village is hosting a Michelin-starred restaurant within its premises. Khaoji brings celebrated chef Rohit Ghai’s incredible culinary skills to town. The Aloo Tikki chaat is a perfect amalgamation of spicy, tangy and sweet flavours to start a party in your mouth.

Gabgoob at Crab Kiosk

Crab meat mixed with generous amounts of cheese, heated to perfection so that the cheese is melted into a dish, is every seafood lover’s dream come true.

Jollof Rice at Jollof Hut Kiosk

Get a taste of African culture with this Ghanian dish. Run by English-Ghanian Grace, the kiosk serves up jollof rice with chicken or beef with a side of kelewele (fried plantain) to go.

Puffy Roll at Let’s Puff kiosk

If your idea of a yummy snack involves buttery puff pastry soaked in creamy chicken goodness, then head to Let’s Puff to taste their puffy roll. Thank us later!

Kaeserchmaren Cake at Mozart Cafe

This popular Austrian dessert has shredded pancakes, butter, jam and powdered sugar to make it the perfect sweet ending to any meal.

Costa Rica at Coterra Cafe

This one is for the coffee lovers. With notes of apple, chocolate and citrus fruit, this unique brew of coffee is available at Coterra Cafe.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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