AEEDC Dubai 2024 Concludes with AED19 Billion Worth of Trade Deals

AEEDC Dubai 2024 Concludes with AED19 Billion Worth of Trade Deals

The 28th UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition (AEEDC Dubai 2024) concluded today with a groundbreaking record of business deals amounting to AED19 billion.

Renowned as a pinnacle event in the worldwide dental and oral health industry, the conference and exhibition attracted a vast gathering featuring 5,328 brands represented by 3,924 international companies specialising in oral health supplies and dental technology.

On the event's third day, we hosted the 21st annual meeting of the Global Scientific Dental Alliance (GSDA), a gathering that drew 383 members from across the globe. These delegates represented 184 international medical organisations, hospitals, academic institutions, dental associations, global health ministries, and various governmental and private sectors. Among the attendees were esteemed representatives from universities and dental colleges worldwide.

During the meeting, Global Dental Alliance launched the "GSDA 2024 Declaration" a collective initiative designed as a strategic framework providing essential guidelines, recommendations, and solutions to steer future innovations and improvements and consists of eight main pillars.

These pillars include leadership in dentistry, dental operational efficiency, dental innovation advancement, dental education, patient-centric dental care, dental community engagement, sustainable dental practices, and dental procedure guidelines and policy excellence.

Dr. Abdulsalam Al Madani, PAM Roving Ambassador for the Gulf Cooperation Council Region, Executive Chairman for AEEDC Dubai, and the GSDA, for the great success of this annual meeting and said,

"Through this annual meeting, we seek to emphasise the importance of continuous education and scientific research to promote the message of the dissemination of science and knowledge. There is no ceiling to developing the dental and oral health sector."

Dr. Al Madani remarked,

“The dental and oral health sector will consistently uphold its status as the most developed and advanced among various medical sectors. Consequently, I extend an invitation to all scientific bodies and organisations specialising in dentistry to collaborate and contribute to disseminating the noble scientific message by engaging in this global forum annually.”

The meeting was chaired by Professor Abdullah Al Shammery, Scientific Chairman of the Global Scientific Dental Alliance and Chairman, Board of Trustees at Riyadh Elm University, with the participation of members of the Executive Board, Dr. Tariq Khoory, Honorary Chairman of AEEDC Dubai; Dr. Abdulsalam Al Madani; Dr. Nasser Al Malik, Scientific Chairman of AEEDC Dubai; Dr. Robert Edwab, executive member of the Global Scientific Dental Alliance; Dr. Muhammed Jafar Abedin, Scientific Vice Chairman of AEEDC Dubai; Dr. Meshari Al Otaibi, President of Makkah International Dental Conference and Exhibition and Vice President of Saudi Dental Society; Anas Al Madani, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of INDEX Holding; and Dr. Howard Lieb, Associate Clinical Professor, International Project Coordinator, and Special Assistant to the Dean at the School of Dentistry at New York University.

He said,

“This unique global platform serves as the focal point for all significant ideas and proposals aimed at advancing the scientific programme of AEEDC Dubai through the latest sector findings. The collaborative efforts of participants stand as a testament to the consistent success IDC Dubai achieves each year.”

Anas Al Madani reflected on the future foresight of AEEDC Dubai, stating,

“There will be a strong and remarkable presence of artificial intelligence in the dental and digital transformation sectors. Our adaptation to these technological advancements is crucial for integrating with the future outlook of the dental and oral health sectors.”

The GSDA, a non-profit organisation, is one of 32 alliances operating under the expansive umbrella of the International Congress for Health Specialties (ICHS). Dedicated to advancing education and scientific research, the Alliance's members work year-round to implement and activate recommendations and decisions to improve training courses to enhance professional standards in the dental and oral health sector. The GSDA contributes significantly to the field.

Furthermore, the ICHS is a globally recognised platform for empowering professionals in medicine and healthcare. With more than 438 specialities and branches, the ICHS tackles pressing challenges in today's medical and healthcare landscape. Through initiatives supporting continuous medical education, professional development, research, innovation, and excellence in healthcare, the ICHS endeavours to benefit communities worldwide, ultimately serving humanity at large.

AEEDC Dubai is organised annually by INDEX Conferences and Exhibitions Org. LLC, a member of INDEX Holding. The event is supported by the Dubai Health Authority, the Scientific Global Dental Alliance, the Dental Federation, the Executive Board of the Health Ministers Council for Gulf Cooperation Council States, the Gulf Health Council, Riyadh Elm University, the Arab Academy for Continuing Dental Education, the Saudi Dental Society, the Saudi Orthodontic Society, the Saudi Prosthodontic Society, the International Association for Dental Research, the Greater New York Dental Meeting, and the Manitoba Dental Association.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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