Apple Introduces New Privacy Features Across Its Platforms

Apple Introduces New Privacy Features Across Its Platforms

Apple today announced new updates across its platforms that help empower users and keep them in control of their data.

Private Cloud Compute extends iPhone's top-tier protections to the cloud, preserving user privacy while offering powerful intelligence. New features like locked apps and categorization in Mail enhance privacy further.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior VP of Software Engineering, lauded Private Cloud Compute for processing complex requests with unparalleled privacy. It ensures data is solely used for user requests and never stored, setting a new standard in cloud AI security. Independent verification ensures these protections remain robust.

Superior Privacy for AI Capabilities

Apple Intelligence enhances user experience by deploying powerful generative models within Apple devices while prioritizing data privacy through on-device processing. However, for more extensive tasks requiring larger models, Private Cloud Compute supplements on-device capabilities, ensuring privacy remains paramount. This cloud solution operates on Apple silicon servers, fortified with rigorous security measures like Secure Enclave and Trusted Execution Monitor, safeguarding user data. Independent verification of server code underscores Apple's commitment to privacy assurance.

More Privacy Features Designed to Empower Users

Locked and hidden apps

Apple's introduction of locked and hidden apps reinforces their commitment to user privacy. These features allow users to protect sensitive content from unauthorized access, whether they're sharing their device or not. With authentication required via Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode, unauthorized attempts to access locked apps are thwarted. This exemplifies Apple's ongoing efforts to give users control over their information. Additionally, recent enhancements like the Photos picker further solidify Apple's dedication to privacy, ensuring users can share data selectively and securely.

Contacts permission improvements

With contacts permission improvements in iOS 18, Apple is putting users in control by letting them choose which contacts to share with an app, rather than give an app access to all their contacts.

Accessory Setup Kit

Accessory Setup Kit offers a seamless pairing method, keeping user devices private by preventing apps from accessing other network devices. Apple's platform updates further enhance user accessibility to privacy and security features.


Apple's Passwords app builds on Keychain's legacy, offering easy access to stored credentials while alerting users to common vulnerabilities like weak or reused passwords and those found in data breaches.

Privacy & Security

Additionally, the refreshed Privacy & Security section in Settings surfaces glanceable information, so users can more easily understand the level of access each app has.

Additional Features Built with Privacy by Design

Apple has been building privacy and security protections into its apps and services for many years, and iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia are no exception.

  • Categorization in Mail: With iOS 18, this feature occurs entirely on a user’s iPhone, and automatically sorts messages into Primary, Promotions, Transactions, and Updates, letting users focus on the messages that matter to them most.
  • Messages via satellite: In iOS 18, this feature enables users to message their friends and family directly from their existing iMessage and SMS conversations when they are without access to cellular connectivity or Wi-Fi.1 When going off the grid, users can message over satellite right from the Messages app, while maintaining end-to-end encryption for iMessage.
  • Presenter preview: In macOS Sequoia, this features helps ensure users no longer have to worry about oversharing when they’re video conferencing, using AirPlay, or plugging in with a cable. With apps like FaceTime and Zoom, users can share their whole screen, or just an app, and presenter preview appears automatically.

News Source: Apple

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