‘Arab Podcasters’ to foster the growth of podcasting industry in MENA

‘Arab Podcasters’ to foster the growth of podcasting industry in MENA

The Dubai Press Club (DPC) announced the ‘Arab Podcasters’ programme to foster the growth of the podcasting industry in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The programme, launched at the Dubai PodFest 2022 held at the Dubai Press Club today, seeks to accelerate the growth of the sector by introducing initiatives that address various drivers of industry development including technology, capacity building, public-private partnerships and industry events.

Her Excellency Mona Al Marri, Vice Chairperson and Managing Director of the Dubai Media Council and President of the Dubai Press Club, said:

“As part of the Dubai Press Club’s efforts to nurture the growth and development of various media sectors, we seek to provide the comprehensive support necessary for the burgeoning podcasting industry to unlock its full potential. With consumers in the region showing increased interest in audio content, the region’s podcasting industry has significant prospects for growth.

Today, podcasts are increasingly becoming one of the most trusted mediums for people to consume content within the region. The ‘Arab Podcasters’ programme seeks to accelerate digital audio content trends that have been gaining ground over the previous few years and further enhance excellence in all aspects of the podcasting sector.

The programme will consolidate Dubai’s position as a key market for podcasting and the leading hub for digital media and audio content production in the Arab world.”

As part of implementing the programme, the Dubai Press Club has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Rising Giants Network (RGN) to collaborate in launching programmes to support the MENA podcasting industry.

The Dubai Press Club and RGN will work together to organise workshops aimed at providing media professionals with technical support to enhance their podcasts. The planned workshops also aim to enable media personnel to stay abreast of the latest technologies, developments and trends in the podcasting industry, and provide the research, support and expertise needed to build a large following in the region and beyond.

Dr. Maitha Buhumaid, Director of the Dubai Press Club, said:

“The second edition of Dubai PodFest held today represents our keenness to support the development of a vibrant podcasting community in the MENA region and provide both established and aspiring podcasters with opportunities to upskill, grow, raise their visibility and expand their reach.

Building on the success of Dubai PodFest, the ‘Arab Podcasters’ programme will promote close cooperation with various stakeholders in the sector like Rising Giants Network (RGN) to create the dynamic ecosystem necessary for the emerging sector to grow and thrive. The MoU with RGN is also part of our efforts to tap synergies and advance cooperation between private and public sector stakeholders in order to catalyse podcasting growth in the region.”

Basel Anabtawi, CEO of Rising Giants Network, said the company’s MoU with the Dubai Press Club is an important step to support content creators in UAE. The main goal of the agreement is to produce podcasts from the UAE for a global audience, he said. Anabtawi expressed his appreciation for the pivotal role played by the Dubai Press Club in supporting talent, media professionals and content creators, as well as providing a fertile environment for creativity in all its forms.

Anabtawi said the Dubai PodFest held by the Dubai Press Club annually celebrates podcasters from all over the Arab world as well as key individuals and institutions contributing to the growth of the sector. He stressed that such initiatives are vital to developing talent and entrepreneurship and raising quality benchmarks in the podcasting industry.

One of the key focuses of the ‘Arab Podcasters’ programme is to organise events that will provide platforms for all stakeholders in the podcasting industry to share knowledge and perspectives, discuss new ideas and network with their peers in the sector. The events will seek to promote enterprise, learning, innovation, and content excellence in the podcasting industry.

Another major focus of the Dubai Press Club initiative is to impart the knowledge and skills required for both established and emerging podcasters to succeed. Capitalising on the success of Dubai PodFest workshops aimed at enhancing the podcasting capabilities of audio content creators and media professionals, the ‘Arab Podcasters’ programme aims to organise learning forums, seminars and conferences that will equip the region’s content creators with the skills and tools required to develop themselves and garner a large following.

As part of the programme, the Dubai Press Club will also work to raise the profile of regional podcasters through its social media platforms. DPC will bring together a range of podcasting experts, successful content creators and industry-leading professionals to share knowledge and insights on diverse technical and creative topics including new podcasting technologies, scriptwriting, branding, marketing, profile building and audience engagement.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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