Exploring the Traditional Charm of the Arabian Tea House in Dubai

Exploring the Traditional Charm of the Arabian Tea House in Dubai

Arabian Tea House in Dubai - Discover the unique flavours of Arabic tea in Dubai's Arabian Tea House. Enjoy a selection of traditional teas and snacks in a traditional atmosphere. Learn More

Arabian Tea House is located inside the historical Al Fahidi Area that was once recognised as Al Basktakiya.

The Tea House is a lovely Restaurant café that offers around 150 different types of teas and other beverages with mouth-watering pastries. Sandwiches and much more. The Arabian Tea House is suitable for people who desire to spend a quiet time with their cup of tea away from the bustle of the City.

On the other hand, the Tea House can accommodate curious tourists who desire to understand the rich culture of the Emirati people since the Tea House, apart from offering traditional tea and coffee blends.

It also provides an authentic Emirati dining experience from Reghag to Aluquaimat and fried balls of Kaba. Open your tasting experience to the traditional meals of Emirati people. Once you find your favourite tea blend, you are bound to come back.

As for the decor of the Arabian Tea House, it is charming as it is, a simple and quaint cafe that is built like the rest of the buildings in Al Fahidi District, an old beige house with a carved entrance and accompanied by wind towers that served their purpose as a form of ventilation from the hot weather in the past.

The interior lighting is warm, and the Tea House is covered in portraits and framed pictures. On the outside, the building is covered in different directions by green veins and potted plants, contrasting the beige-coloured building.

The building of the Arabian Tea house gives out an aura of it being aged and ancient, adding to the historical element of the building. On good weather days, you can choose to sit outdoors or remain indoors, surrounded by the tranquil ambience surrounding the entire place.  

On the outside, you will see turquoise-coloured seats, a table, lace curtains, and flowers adorning the walls. Or you can sit on a terrace and gaze at the people from above. Have a long and deep conversation with your friends or visit alone and relish the peace and quiet of enjoying your own company.

When can I visit the Arabian Tea House?

The Arabian Tea House is open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm on a daily schedule. You can directly come to the Tea House or book online reservations. As for the weekend, reservations are closed from Thursday to Saturday.

How can I reach the Arabian Tea House?

The Arabian Tea House is located explicitly in Bur Dubai’s historic Al Fahidi neighbourhood. A means of better transport is through the Public Dubai Metro by taking the green line and stopping at the station named Sharaf DG. You can take an eight-minute walk to the Arabian Tea House while taking the historic Al Fahidi District sights.

  • Address location: Al Fahidi Street, Bastakiya, Opposite Musalla Post Office, Bur Dubai
  • Located precisely on Jumeriah road in Umm Suqeim 3.
  • Contact No. : +971 40 353 5071
  • Email Address:

What should I order at the Arabian Tea House?

Understandably, you may be overwhelmed by the extensive menu on your first visit. Overall, your options run from different desserts to pasta, soups and sandwiches. As for traditional Emirati food, you can order.


  • Emirati Kid’s Breakfast

Procure to have the healthiest breakfast meal options for your kids. From the Emirati Kids Breakfast Tray, which includes scrambled eggs for protein with balaleet, choose a chebab bread cut into the shape of a Middle Eastern camel, accompanied by a small bowl of yoghurt and a small dish of balaleet with a refreshing cup of squeezed orange juice. If your child prefers a fruity plate, then order the Fruits plate, a beautifully designed into a tilted palm tree that is practically a fruit salad. The price range for a children’s breakfast meal is around 35- 55 AED.

  • Adult Breakfast Menu

The dishes for the Adult’s Breakfast Menu vary with the size portions as the menu is sectioned into regular or light Arabian or Emirati dishes, based on the food options you are used to consuming and also depending on how hungry you are that given morning. The Emirati Breakfast section ranges from

Vegetarian Menu

As a main course, order the Vegetable Saloona. This dish primarily consists of a traditional recipe that includes tomato, potato, cilantro, onion and lentils, all topped with spices and served with either a side dish of white steamed rice or tandoor bread.  

Wide range of Beverages

From your sweet chai latte to a fresh Sri Lanka King Coconut. The drinks options seem endless. If you are feeling adventurous, try out the Avocado Milkshake. As for the coffee, fans, order a cup of Gahwa, also known as Arabic coffee. When it comes to teas, a staple would be Cinnamon Tea with Milk or the classic of the UAE Karak chai.  


The Barbecue menu offers Emirati Barbeques, a staple in the Middle East. Think of minced meats, from Lamb to chicken or beef, marinated with Arabic spices and grilled on charcoal. Only to be served with yoghurt, Arabicsalad and tandoor bread and accompanied by sweet barbecued onions and tomatoes.  Some of these dishes are also served with freshly fried potatoes.  

The Owner and Founder of Arabian Tea House.

Ali Al Rais has travelled around the world for 20 years. Wanting to indulge in the historical past of the Emirati culture, he set up his own tea house. Coming from an old line of a pearl divers,s he chose to rent a house constructed in the 1920s by the Dubai government. The lovely house had a terrace, an open space that became a secret garden, a personal well, and a mini fountain that consisted of two-story floors.

What would have been once the house of wealthy pearl merchants back in the day became what was known at first as the Basta Art Cafe. That was the initial name of the Arabian Tea House. It took inspiration from the name of the area set in Al Bastakiya. Every detail is carefully chosen by the owner, even going as far as to create the menu based on his mother’s cooking.

This lovely getaway Tea house is now a grown establishment, opening a branch in Al Ghazal Mall and in The Mall Jumeirah. Still, it never loses its essence in Al Fahidi District and focuses on the beauty and Charm of traditions we sometimes take for granted.


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