Bla Bla Dubai - Why You Must visit Bla Bla Beach Club

Bla Bla Dubai - Why You Must visit Bla Bla Beach Club

Bla Bla Dubai is the newest and hottest spot in Jumeirah! Opening its doors in early 2021, this massive venue has everything you need for a perfect day and night out in Dubai. Spanning over 100,000 sqft, Bla Bla is a one-of-a-kind site located in Jumeirah Beach Residence, or simply JBR. Home to 20 bars, three kitchens, and a beach club, the long-awaited destination has set quite a reputation for being one of the best places to enjoy the nightlife in Dubai. The day-to-night destination will help you to make the day what you want it to be. Whether you want to have a beach day, some casual dining, or some exciting nightlife, Bla Bla JBR has got it covered.

Here's everything you need to know!

The Beach Club

The Bla Bla beach club is perfect for enjoying a view of Dubai's skyline. Open daily, you can take advantage of the Dubai sun and get a perfect tan, with a backdrop of Ain Dubai and Bluewaters Island. They offer countless amenities at the beach club including cabanas, sun loungers, lockers, towels, and even a poolside VIP area. The best thing about these loungers is that their cost not only allows pool access, but also includes credits to spend on dining. At the beach club bar, you can get drinks or some finger food delivered right to your loungers while you soak in the sun. The pools available at the beach club are, of course, infinity pools, and you can also treat yourself at the spa.

The prices for each amenity offered at the beach club is listed below:

A single sun lounger:

  • 200 AED on Mondays through Fridays, including a 100 AED pool access fee, and 100 AED to spend on drinks.
  • 300 AED on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays, including a 150 AED pool access and 150 AED for drinks.

A double sun lounger

  • 400 AED on Mondays through Fridays, including a 200 AED for pool access and 200 AED for drinks.

Upper deck double

  • 600 AED on Mondays through Fridays, including 200 AED for pool access and 400 AED on food and drinks.
  • 800 AED on Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays, including 300 AED for pool access and 500 AED for drinks.

Cabana (holds up to 3 people)

  • 800 AED on Mondays through Fridays, including 300 AED for access and 500 AED for drinks and food
  • 1,200 AED on weekends and national holidays, including 450 AED access and 750 AED on food and drinks.

Lounge seating (holds up to 8 people)

  • 2,000 AED on weekdays, including 800 AED access and 1,200 AED for drinks
  • 3,000 AED on weekends, with 1,200 AED for pool access and 1,800 to spend on food and drinks

The beach club's timings are daily from 10:00 AM until sunset.

Nightlife in Bla Bla Dubai

Aside from all the relaxing views and the luxury pool experience, Bla Bla JBR also offers an array of entertainment activities when the sun goes down. The whole venue in total has over 300 Marin Audio Speakers installed, which have been used by the biggest stars at their concerts like Pink Floyd, Selena Gomez, and The Killers. The area contains three different sectors: The Rooftop, The Tent, and The Backroom.

The Rooftop

The rooftop, which has a slide down to the lower level, not only has gorgeous views but also is the perfect place for evening drinks and shisha. The rooftop holds five separate and unique bars:

-     The Irish Bar, which gives you a cozy and traditional taste of Ireland.

-     The Lightbox Bar offers over 20 unique beverage combinations.

-      The Lounge Bar, which is perfect for anyone willing to share drinks!

-     The Record Room Bar gives you a vintage feel with decorations of old vinyls.

-      The Graffiti Bar, which is designed to resemble the streets of New York City, with graffiti filled walls and street lamps, and it even has a slide to the bathroom!

The Rooftop's timings are daily from 4:00 PM to 3:00 AM.

The Tent

The Tent is the biggest sector in Bla Bla, spanning over 22,000 sqft and holding nine unique bars under one roof. Each of the Tent's bars has its own distinct identity and theme, and every part of it ensures that you have the best time. These themed bars are:

-      The Garrison Bar, a traditional early 20th-century English pub with a tucked away corner.

-      The Bronx Bar, another New York inspired theme, with graffiti all over the walls.

-      The Hydro Bar, which is a breathtaking experience with an interactive centerpiece.

-     The Shaka Bar, a Hawaiian-style surf bar with traditional Hawaiian drinks like tiki punch and more.

-     The Mexican Bar, which as the name suggests, gives you a vibrant and colorful look into Mexican culture and lets you enjoy some drinks with amazing music.

-      The Butterfly Bar, the perfect place for a date night. The ceilings of this bar hold over 4,000 artificial butterflies to create the illusion of them floating!

-      The Bubbles Bar, a stunning red velvet lounge.

-      The Stage Bar, the main and central bar which hosts concerts.

-      The Kinetic Bar, with crazy ceiling animations.

The Tent's timings are daily from 8:00 PM to 3:00 AM.

The Backroom

The Backroom, like the name suggests, is the hidden secret room on the highest level of Bla Bla. And as if the last dozen bars were not enough, the Backroom also holds 3 additional bars, which are:

-     The Japanese Bar, also known as "Konpa" which indirectly translates to "party". The bar's light-up floor also makes the bar perfect for any late-night partying.

-      The Hollywood Bar, which showcases old Hollywood and has hanging pictures of movie-legends like Marilyn Monroe. Even their menu is movie themed!

-      The Maximalist Bar, completely the opposite of a minimalist room. The bar's menu is completely out-of-the-box, and adds a splash of color into your night out!

The Backroom's timings are from 8:00 PM to 3:00 AM on Sundays through Fridays, from 4:00 PM to 3:00 AM on Saturdays

Dining in Bla Bla Dubai

Not only is Bla Bla a great place to spend your night, but you can also satisfy all your cravings there! Simply called "The Restaurant", you can find any cuisine of your choice. The Restaurant specializes in three different cuisines: Japanese, Italian, and American. This eatery offers vegan and vegetarian menus as well, so you don't need to worry about any special diet. You can visit for a relaxing breakfast or a delicious lunch. Although the venue itself is strictly over 21 years, children can attend with their parents for breakfast. The Bla Bla breakfast menu includes a classic morning meal: any style of eggs, sausages, and hash browns. You can also try out some pastries from their bakery, like sourdough toast or their buttery croissants. For lunch, you can try out their sushi, their pasta, or their pizzas.

-      The Restaurant's breakfast hours are from 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM on Mondays through Fridays, and from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

-      Their lunch and dinner menu starts daily from 12:00 PM to 12:30 AM.

Not only can you enjoy the food, but you can also take advantage of their weekly deals. You can treasure the week long Happy Hour, where you can get a selection of drinks for 35 AED. The restaurant also hosts weekly Sunday Roasts, serving roast chicken and ribs. You can grab all your ladies and seize the great deals every Tuesday on Ladies' Night, where you and your gal-pals can enjoy two courses and unlimited drinks for 150 AED. Finally, every Friday, you can join the "Take Me Back to Bali Late Night Brunch", where you can enjoy unlimited drinks and 4 courses for 250 AED.

-      Happy Hour is on Mondays through Fridays from 4:00 PM to 10:00 PM

-      Sunday Roasts are from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM

-      Ladies' Night is every Tuesday from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

-      Miami Beats’ Ladies’ Night is also ever Tuesday from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM, for both women and gents to take advantage of the pools. The exception is the ladies get an extra discount on the pool access and get unlimited drinks, while the men have only 4 chosen drinks.

-      Take Me Back to Bali Late Night Brunch is on every Friday from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM

And if none of these options is to your liking, Bla Bla's convenient location in the heart of JBR allows you to explore the area itself and try out different restaurants.

Some restaurants nearby are:

-      Tacolicious, less than a minute away.

-      Palm Garden Restaurant, which is less than a minute away.

-      Claw BBQ Crab Shack and Grill, which is only a 3-minute walk.

-      The Maine Oyster Bar and Grill, only a 3 minutes walk from Bla Bla.

-      The Areia Beach Bar and Grill, which is a 4 minutes walk.

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