Buy Samsung's new S23 phones for as low as Dh121 a month

Buy Samsung's new S23 phones for as low as Dh121 a month

Available for pre-orders, the devices come in four colours, phantom black, cream, green and lavender.

Hitting the shelves this month, Samsung's new S23 smartphones could set UAE buyers back by as much as Dh6,449 — but telecom operators are coming to their rescue.

Both Etisalat by e& and du have now put up the devices for pre-order, and the best part is that the offer comes with instalment payment plans.

Etisalat by e& is selling the S23 units in 12, 18, 24-month installments. Residents can get the Galaxy S23 5G from Dh139 a month to Dh294 (including VAT), depending on the storage capacity and payment duration. Galaxy S23 Plus 5G can be purchased from Dh169 a month to Dh374, while Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G is offered between Dh215 per month to Dh464.

Du, on the other hand, is offering two flexible payment plans: 12-month and 24-month contracts. Galaxy S23 5G starts at Dh121 per month (plus VAT) and hits Dh262, depending on storage and payment duration. Prices for Galaxy S23 Plus range from Dh151 per month to Dh342; while the Ultra version is offered from Dh211 a month to Dh500.

The new devices come in four colours — phantom black, cream, green and lavender, plus exclusive colours that are available only on Samsung's official website.

Allowing UAE residents to experience the newly unveiled units, Samsung has put up a pop-up store at Dubai Mall, which opens to the public today.

With the most advanced processor, a massive front camera, and a striking, sustainable design, the tech giant's latest flagship devices have taken the smartphone competition to another level, according to analysts.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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