Can a Dubai driving licence be renewed on visit visa?

Can a Dubai driving licence be renewed on visit visa?

A former resident asks about the eligibility to apply for a driver's licence in UAE.

Question: I was a Dubai resident for many years and I had a driving license also. Now, I am in Dubai again after a long time on a visit visa and my driving licence has expired. Can I renew my driving licence while I am on a visitor visa?

Answer: Pursuant to your queries, it is assumed that your UAE driving license has been issued by Dubai Roads and Transport Authority while you were a resident of UAE.

An expatriate individual who is more than the age of 21 should be a resident of the UAE to renew the expired UAE driving license.

Moreover, while applying to renew the UAE driving license one must submit his or her original valid UAE resident identity card, eye test by an institution approved by the local authority and relevant renewal fees of RTA.

Further, if an individual’s UAE driving license is not renewed for more than ten years, then he or she may have to undergo an evaluation test for which he or she needs open a training file, pay relevant application fees, handbook manual fees, and relevant RTA test fees, the penalty for not renewing the driving license on a timely basis, renewal fees and knowledge and innovation fees to the RTA to renew his or her expired UAE driving license.

For further clarifications on this matter, you may contact the RTA.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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