ChatGPT prompts for business: 7 commands to deploy AI across strategy, marketing, sales

ChatGPT prompts for business: 7 commands to deploy AI across strategy, marketing, sales

It is a little over a year since OpenAI released ChatGPT to the public and the artificial intelligence (AI) large language model has since taken the world by storm.

AI in the workplace

The implications of mass adoption of AI were recently summarised by the International Monetary Fund in its 2024 report ‘Gen-AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work’.

The report noted that

“Advanced economies will experience the benefits and pitfalls of AI sooner than emerging market and developing economies, largely because their employment structure is focused on cognitive-intensive roles…Emerging markets and developing economies should prioritize the development of digital infrastructure and digital skills.”

Now in its fourth iteration – ChatGPT-4 is being used by up to 50 percent of professionals in the workplace, according to multiple surveys. The UAE’s AI Minister Omar Sultan Al Olama said the model’s success could not have been predicted six months ago.

“If you sat with many AI experts, they would not have predicted ChatGPT and the level of output, the level of engagement…people actually embracing this technology and using it,”

he said during a recent session at the World Government Summit.

Additionally, a study conducted by global management consultancy Oliver Wyman, found that the percentage of generative AI usage in the UAE was almost on par with the averages in other countries. It found that 45 percent of those in manufacturing were using the tools covertly, compared with 38 percent in tech, and 33 percent in financial services.

The AI tool has the potential to automate and speed up a range of tasks – from administrative to creative. It can also act as a great base to create groundwork on which to build. Entrepreneurs are already using AI-generated insights across departments such as marketing, strategy, and even finance.

Here are 7 ChatGPT prompts you could try for your business:

Imagine ideas:

Prompt: “I’m currently imagining a scenario where my business, [describe your business], has access to unlimited resources and manpower. In this dreamlike situation, I want to explore how I can generate groundbreaking ideas. Provide me with five innovative concepts or strategies that I could pursue with these unlimited resources to revolutionize my business.”

In this exercise, ChatGPT stimulates creativity by encouraging you to think without constraints. What could your business achieve with limitless resources? This thought experiment aims to unlock fresh inspiration and groundbreaking concepts.

Tackle unsolved problems:

Prompt: “One of the key challenges in my industry is [describe the unsolved problem]. I believe there’s an opportunity here, but I need fresh ideas. Help me brainstorm five innovative solutions or approaches to address this long-standing challenge effectively.”

Dig deep into the challenges of your industry. ChatGPT helps you identify unsolved problems and generates out-of-the-box ideas to eliminate them. Solving significant industry problems can provide immense value and set your business apart.

Hear a customer debate:

Prompt: “Provide me with an amusing and useful transcript of a hypothetical debate between three of my customers, where they are talking about my business, which they use to [describe the value it adds to them]. For context, sometimes customers tell us [include several examples of customer feedback], and some known challenges in my business are [include challenges or weaknesses]. Include an introduction and viewpoint of each person in the debate before it starts, and play out the conversation as if they are each having problems with our service. Give insights and suggestions that emerge from this discussion, focusing on ways to improve my business.”

Listening to customer conversations is invaluable. This prompt lets ChatGPT simulate a debate, helping you understand your customers’ perspectives, frustrations, and ideas for improvement. It’s a unique approach to enhancing customer-centricity.

Transport to the Future:

Prompt: “I’d like to project my business into the future to stay ahead of the curve. Pretend we have fast-forwarded ten years and describe how my business has evolved to thrive in the changing landscape. Highlight five key strategies or innovations that have led to my business’s success.”

Thinking about the future is essential for business sustainability. ChatGPT assists in envisioning your business a decade ahead, suggesting strategies and innovations that could propel your success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Enter into a collaboration:

Prompt: “I’m open to exploring unexpected partnerships that could spark innovation. Help me envision a collaboration with a completely unrelated industry or entity. Describe how this partnership results in novel ventures or products that could disrupt my industry and drive my business forward. Give five options.”

Collaborations can be game-changers. ChatGPT generates ideas for partnerships beyond the conventional, potentially opening doors to innovative ventures. It encourages thinking beyond industry boundaries.

Spark marketing campaigns:

Prompt: “Get some creative help in coming up with new ideas for marketing my [insert business idea].”

ChatGPT needs training or fine-tuning depending on the output received which you can enhance through prompts such as: “Put more energy in the direction you’re already going and feel inspired to do so. Tackle problems no one else goes near, and eavesdrop on a conversation with your customers. Transport to the future and enter into unlikely scenarios. Which one of these might secure your ongoing success?”

While the output could be from mundane to unreal, the AI model’s various responses could give you a range of scenarios to work with and try out.

This overarching prompt reminds you to utilize ChatGPT’s capabilities across various scenarios—be it ideation, problem-solving, customer insights, future projections, or unconventional collaborations. It’s a comprehensive guide to maximizing AI benefits.

Get help with your strengths:

Prompt: “Operate as a business analyst. Conduct a SWOT analysis for my business.” Use this to formulate a business strategy formulation or evaluation. A variation of this could be: “Perform a SWOT analysis focusing on the [specific product].”

This emphasizes the versatility of ChatGPT as an entrepreneurial partner. From ideation to customer engagement, these prompts provide a practical guide to leveraging AI for business enhancement. It also allows businesses with limited resources to harness the capability of AI towards their goals.

News Source: Gulf Business

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