Your complete Guide to Dubai’s Museum of the Future

Your complete Guide to Dubai’s Museum of the Future

As the name suggests, this extraordinary museum in Dubai will transport you to the future where you’ll get to experience a world that is inaccessible to most of mankind. This Future Museum of Dubai gives you a one-of-a-kind experience which is hard to find elsewhere. Being one of Dubai’s most famous and picturesque landmarks, The Museum of the Future explores how society will evolve in the coming decades. It combines elements of traditional exhibition, immersive theatre, and themed attractions in an unimaginable way. Experience the future at ‘the most beautiful building on earth’. Here's a complete guide on everything you need to know about Museum of the Future.

About Museum of the Future:

This one-of-a-kind museum is a visual marvel and a trailblazer in terms of modern technology, it stands 77 meters tall, covers almost 30,00 sq m and is ranked as one of the most beautiful museums in the world. This future museum gives a fascinating insight into the future of human technology and innovation with practical exhibits, installations and unique inventions that are yet to be introduced to the world.

The Museum of the Future is designed by Killa Designs and is inspired by feng shui and is described as a torus-shaped building with an open ‘void’ in the center. The museum’s marvelous exterior also stands out due to its artistic use of Arabic calligraphy, which also functions as glass windows. It reflects lines of inspirational poetry by Sheikh Mohammed, out of the three quotes enveloping the architectural wonder, one translates to:

“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn't something you await, but rather create.”

The museum aims to explore the future of artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies.

What can you expect inside:

The Museum of the Future allows you to gaze beyond the present to the possible. This architectural wonder combines exhibitions, themed attractions and an immersive theatre that hosts various screenings and events. The museum has 7 floors in total out of which floor 6 is private and inaccessible and floor 7 is the Events Hall where various events and talk are conducted. The main attractions of the Museum of the future are spread across 5 floors with 5 different chapters with its distinctive problem, statements, goals, and ideas. Each floor is designed like an expansive, interactive movie set that is brought to life by expert storytellers, technologists, and visionary artists. The 5 chapters cover themes of climate change, ecology, health, wellness, spirituality, imagination, and the future of space travel and living. For the best experience, start your journey from floor 5 to 1 moving in a cascading manner.

Aside from ground-breaking innovations, the Museum of the Future also conducts special workshops and talks from the world’s greatest minds. There is also a dedicated area for children agreed 3-10 to enjoy an open-world experience at the Future Heroes environment designed to encourage them to tap into their full potential. You must also visit the viewing deck on floor 2 which is nestled within the museums’ void giving you an up-close experience of the museums smooth inner shell alongside a panoramic view of Dubai.

On the ground floor is where you’ll find the lobby of the museum and a café that is stocked with a delicious array of tasty snacks and drinks. You can also see a robot barista behind a glass window that prepares coffee for you. You can also buy souvenirs like magnets, notebooks, keychains, tote bags and more from the gift shop on the other side of the lobby to treasure your experience at the Museum of the Future.

Now, without giving much away, here’s a brief description of everything you can expect on each floor:


Your virtual avatar guide Aya will take you to a room simulating a spacecraft. Where you’ll get to Fly to 2071 and experience the future. View the entire skyline of suture Dubai through the windows of the shuttle. You’ll be then transported to the OSS Hope Space and get to learn more about its operation, structure, and mission.


After exploring space, it's time to return to Earth and investigate the Amazon's ecological system. This section aims to educate people about climate change and what we can do to help build a better, more sustainable future. Another fascinating section on this level is the Vault of Life, a DNA Lab that displays 2,400 genetic codes of animals, insects, sea creatures, plants, and seeds stored in glass cases.


Enter a space that promotes personal happiness and mental health. This section of the museum is dedicated to scientific healing, assisting us in reconnecting with our body, mind, and spirit through our senses. Movement therapy, feeling therapy, Grounding therapy, Connections Therapy, and Meditation Centre are the interactive spaces in Al Waha where you will be offered various treatments and therapies.


This section of the museum displays ever-changing technologies. On display you’ll find models of futuristic electric vehicles, electric jets, self-driving transportation, and a gravity jet suit. This floor also houses the entrance to the viewing deck, an ideal location for that perfect Instagram shot.


The younger visitors to the museum can indulge and explore their imaginations on this floor, which is specifically designated for them. Younger children can take part in enjoyable missions and receive badges for their accomplishments.

How to get there:

Since the Museum of the Future is located on a prime location on Sheikh Zayed Road, you can easily reach the museum using Metro for which you’ll need to board the MRed line. The nearest metro station is the Emirates towers Metro station which is only a 6-minute walk to the museum. The link bridge directly connects the metro station to the museum which makes it easy for you to reach this futuristic attraction without any hassle.

You can also use the RTA public Bus to reach the Museum of the Future using the bus lines 27, 29, and X22, which will connect you to the Emirates Tower.

If you’re driving, you can use the on-site parking (subject to availability) or the valet parking service.

If you wish to ride a bicycle or an electric scooter there are dedicated bicycle racks in the self-park area for your convenience.

You can also hire rental car or taxi services like Dubai Taxi, Uber and Careem to reach your destination.

Ticket Cost and Timings:

Museum of the Future ticket prices are as follows:

3-years-old and above – AED 145 | Under 3-years-old – Free |Person of Determination– Free

Keep in mind that you must select your preferred time slot when buying your ticket online. In addition, some seminars and events require pre-registration. So, make sure to check before planning your trip to the Museum of the Future. travel plans. You can book your tickets for a visit to Dubai’s Museum of the Future at the official website.

Timings of Museum of the Future: Every day 10:00 am - 6:00 pm (Last entry – 17:00 pm)

The best time to visit Museum of the Future:

The best time to plan your visit to Dubai’s Museum of the Future is during the morning hours when the crowd is comparatively less. This is the perfect time for you to explore the museum’s exhibits and enjoy clicking solo pictures at the observation deck without waiting in long queues.

Other attractions to visit near Museum of the Future:

You can also visit nearby attractions like – Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dark Room Dubai, Abra Ride, Dubai Fountain, Zabeel Palace, Dubai Frame, Garden Glow Dubai, Green Planet, City Walk and Dubai Aquarium.

Some Interesting Facts about Museum of the Future:

• The circular design of the museum represents humanity which sits atop a green mound that represents the earth and the void in the middle representing the unknown future.

• The structure is fueled by 4,000 megawatts of solar energy.

• The absence of columns inside the building distinguishes it as a landmark in urban engineering.

• National Geographic praised it as "the most beautiful building on Earth" before it even opened to the public.

• The park surrounding the museum contains 80 different floral species, which are cared for by a smart, intelligent, and automatic irrigation system.

• The museum's panels are made up of 14,000 meters of words of wisdom quoted by Sheikh Mohammad about the possibilities of the future.

Tips before visiting the Museum of the Future:

• Make sure to book your tickets ahead of time.

• Interact with all of the museum's exhibits and inquire about upcoming workshops and special exhibitions to get the most out of your visit to this futuristic museum in Dubai.

• You can also sign up for special courses on robotics, AI, climate control technology, aviation, and other subjects at the museum.

• Don’t forget to visit the viewing deck to breathe in the picturesque views of Dubai and click the best pictures for your Instagram feeds.

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