Indulge in the Ultimate Burger Experience at these Top Joints in Dubai

Indulge in the Ultimate Burger Experience at these Top Joints in Dubai

For those craving the ultimate burger experience, Dubai boasts an array of top-tier burger joints. From wagyu beef masterpieces to innovative vegetarian options and irresistible fried chicken sandwiches, here's where to find the city's most delectable patties.


Dubai's waterfront is garnering praise for its diverse dining options, with 3Fils standing out for its exceptional burger. Featuring a generous wagyu patty nestled between a soft brioche bun, complemented by lettuce, provolone cheese, and a tangy chipotle sauce, this burger promises a messy yet utterly satisfying culinary experience.

11 Woodfire

Chef Akmal's burger, originating from a Michelin Guide restaurant, elevates street food with a wagyu beef patty, mushroom duxelles, gouda cheese, and sriracha sauce, promising a delightful fusion of refined and bold flavors in every messy bite.

Eleven Green

Sultan and Kinda Chatila's new burger joint at Meyan Mall has quickly become a hit in Dubai, drawing crowds with its standout Bull Burger. Featuring wagyu beef, cheddar cheese, and beef bacon jam on a Hokkaido milk bun, it has garnered both local praise and international recognition for its flavor and value, establishing itself as a favorite among burger aficionados.

Neat Burger

Neat Burger, despite not being a typical local burger spot, serves as a significant player in promoting vegan options within the burger landscape. Founded by F1 champion Lewis Hamilton, it offers a plant-based menu, highlighted by the original Cheez burger resembling a classic American cheeseburger, complete with ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions, and vegan cheese, providing the full experience while prioritizing animal welfare.

Orfali Bros

The Orfali brothers, renowned restaurateurs in Dubai, are celebrated for their innovative cuisine at their Michelin Guide-recognized restaurant in Wasl 51 Mall. Their menu showcases a fusion of Middle Eastern and international flavors, demonstrating their creativity and versatility. While featuring a range of dishes, their wagyu burgers stand out for their exceptional quality, despite being on the higher end in terms of price.

Sal’s Burger Kitchen

Sal's has emerged as a prominent player in Dubai's burger scene, garnering praise from burger enthusiasts across the city. Located in Nakheel Mall's Depachika food court, Sal's stands out with its signature burger featuring USDA beef, cheddar cheese, a secret sauce, all sandwiched between a custom brioche bun. With its premium ingredients and meticulous preparation, Sal's competes head-to-head with Dubai's finest burger establishments.


This renowned spot is celebrated for its non-beef burger choices and crispy fried chicken wedges. Yet, dismissing their classic chuck hamburger would be remiss. With American-style flair, it offers slawed cucumbers and LaLa land sauce, ensuring a gratifying, flavorful experience.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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