Deloitte publishes reports on cyber skills and future of health policymaking at WGS

Deloitte publishes reports on cyber skills and future of health policymaking at WGS

Deloitte, a knowledge partner of the World Government Summit (WGS) 2023, published two reports titled ‘Closing the Gap on the Cyber Skills Domain’ and ‘One for All and All for Health: The Future of Health Policymaking through Health in All Policies.’

The first report highlights the critical issue of shortage of human capital in the rapidly evolving digital and cyber domain. It delves into the need of governments to effectively protect their interests against the different threats presented within this complex landscape and suggests various approaches to address this challenge.

The second report explores the concept of Health in All Policies (HiAP), a cross-sectoral approach to health policymaking that aims to promote population health and health equity. The report provides an overview of different HiAP models and addresses the complexity of health and well-being, as well as what is needed for its successful implementation, outlining key challenges.

Commenting on the occasion, Mutasem Dajani, CEO of Deloitte Middle East, said,

“This summit provides an opportunity for us to share knowledge and exchange views with key decision makers on challenges and opportunities facing the public sector globally and here in the region.

“The existing gap in cyber skills and healthcare policymaking are two of the most pressing matters facing governments today, and these reports are meant to support the decision makers present at the summit in addressing these challenges.”

The WGS 2023 agenda also included a panel discussion titled ‘Metahuman vs Humanisation’, featuring Costi Perricos, Global AI & Data Leader, Deloitte, who said,

“As our world becomes more virtual and our use of technologies such as generative AI begin to mimic human interactions, it is important that we use these technological evolutions to evolve ourselves - and take humanity as well as technology to the next level.”

Both reports will be available on the official WGS website.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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