Desert Vipers and Dubai Sports Council Join Forces in Groundbreaking Sustainability Project

Desert Vipers and Dubai Sports Council Join Forces in Groundbreaking Sustainability Project

His Excellency Saeed Hareb, the Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, warmly welcomed Mr. Avram Glazer and the Desert Vipers team, along with esteemed attendees, to Dubai Sports Council headquarters today.

In a collaborative effort to enhance sustainability in sports, Dubai Sports Council and the "Desert Vipers" team are joining forces, aligning with the nation's commitment to a rational government approach and the strategic plan for the sports sector 2024-2033.

HE Saeed Hareb said:

“An agreement has been reached to unify efforts, focusing on integrating sustainability applications in sports stadiums and tournaments. This collaboration will encompass awareness campaigns and practical applications to make events and sports more sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

While addressing the media, he also said:

“Dubai has already set a precedent by organizing international events, such as the European Golf Tour Championship – Road to Dubai and the SAIL GP race, that adhere to sustainability standards. Today, we proudly announce the addition of new cricket tournaments in cooperation with "Desert Vipers."

Looking ahead, our commitment extends to expanding this initiative to include various sports, tournaments, and facilities. Our goal is to spread the practice of sports and elevate its societal status, promoting health and happiness for everyone.”

Dubai Sports Council remains steadfast in its dedication to fostering an effective contribution of sports towards a green future. By doing so, we aim to create a world where all can enjoy a healthy and happy life for ourselves and for future generations.
The Desert Vipers, a cricket team that plays in the UAE’s own Twenty20 competition, the DP World ILT20, has joined forces with Dubai Sports Council, the official body responsible for the development of the sports sector in the Emirate.
In a ground-breaking partnership, Dubai Sports Council has become the Lead Partner in the Desert Vipers’ Sustainability Programme.
Dubai Sports Council will endorse the Vipers’ Sustainability Match at the Dubai International Stadium on Saturday 3 February.
And it will be the key contributor to a Sustainability in Sport Summit in Dubai in late 2024 in the presence of Desert Vipers owner Mr Avram Glazer.
Dubai Sports Council
will also play a key role in supporting the Desert Vipers’ schools programme which is introducing the sport of cricket and the issue of sustainability into Arab and international schools across the Emirate of Dubai in association with Sports Spirit Events LLC.
Commenting on the partnership between the Desert Vipers and the Dubai Sports Council, Desert Vipers owner Mr Avram Glazer said:

“This is a proud day, a landmark day for the Desert Vipers, to join with the Dubai Sports Council in addressing the fundamentally important opportunity to promote sustainability in sport.
“We are thankful for the far-sighted approach of the Dubai Sports Council in joining with us to lead the way in this matter. Together we will set the path for others to follow.”

CEO of the Desert Vipers, Mr Philip Oliver, said:

“Our partnership is a perfect coming together of two organisations with shared objectives – namely, the fast-forwarding of sustainability in sport in Dubai and, more broadly, the UAE, and contributing to the future of sports movements worldwide.
“Both the Desert Vipers and the Dubai Sports Council are aware that we are in a position to influence behaviour that will help safeguard the environment and allow sport to be played, watched and enjoyed for now and for the future.
“By acting together, we will create meaningful change for sustainability in sport in Dubai and the UAE.
“I would like to extend our sincere thanks to our local partner, Sports Spirit Events LLC, for facilitating this exciting partnership.”

The synergy between the Desert Vipers and Dubai Sports Council means the partnership in sustainability makes perfect sense for both organisations.

Saif Mohammed, Founder and Chairman of Sports Spirit Events (LLC), expresses immense pride in being part of partnership between Dubai Sports Council and Desert Vipers to champion sustainability in sports. Sports Spirit Events is honored to facilitate this collaborative effort, serving as the official representative of Desert Vipers in the UAE.

“Together, we aim to drive positive change and set a precedent for environmentally conscious practices in the realm of sports through different community engagement and outreach initiatives.”

The Desert Vipers have eschewed the use of single-use plastic water bottles from their dressing room and have replaced them with reusable bottles filled with locally sourced water while the Dubai Government has banned single-use plastic bags.
The Vipers have also undertaken an extensive education programme across schools in the Emirate, in keeping with DSC’s mandate to nurture talent.
And with the Desert Vipers becoming the first Dubai-based sports organisation to sign up to the United Nations Sports for Climate Action framework, endorsement from Dubai Sports Council mirrors the body’s desire to support creativity and reward excellence and innovation.
The partnership with the Dubai Sports Council will only serve to enhance and to shine a brighter light on activities the Vipers are undertaking.
That includes its Sustainability Match at the Dubai International Stadium on Saturday 3 February which will feature plastic bottle recycling at the venue for first time.
The match, against the Gulf Giants, a repeat of the final match of the inaugural tournament in 2023, will also feature a ‘fan carnival’, including sustainability-themed fan engagement and hospitality catering with reduced carbon emissions in mind.
And the match will take place in the presence of sustainability departments of more than 80 UAE businesses.
The coupling of Dubai Sports Council and the Desert Vipers is also intended to cut across all sports, not only cricket, in raising awareness of the need for sustainability.
Later in 2024 under the auspices of this partnership, the first Sustainability in Sport Summit and Awards Dinner will be held with Mr Avram Glazer in attendance, details of which will be announced in due course.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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