DEWA's 'My Sustainable Living Programme' earns high praise from customers

DEWA's 'My Sustainable Living Programme' earns high praise from customers

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) ’s customers praised its smart and innovative programmes, which help them raise the efficiency of their electricity and water consumption.

DEWA’s residential customers noted that ‘My Sustainable Living Programme’ supports their efforts to reduce waste and their carbon footprint, and encourages positive competition as they compare their monthly consumption with similar highly efficient homes. This motivates them to make informed decisions based on updated data, and to take positive steps towards adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

DEWA uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and behavioural sciences in ‘My Sustainable Living Programme’ to study and analyse customers’ behaviour. The programme includes four main features, including a dashboard through which consumption comparisons are displayed with similar high-efficiency homes; a monthly report on consumption volume and patterns for customers to survey and make accurate comparisons; and tips to reduce waste and over-consumption. DEWA provides the programme through its website and smart app on iOS, Android, Huawei and Apple watches. Customers can use the many benefits and technical features of ‘My Sustainable Living Programme’. This is by logging into their DEWA accounts on the website or smart app, and updating their consumption patterns.

DEWA interacts with its users through its website, smart app, email and text messages.

“There are no complications and many features while using ‘My Sustainable Living Programme’. Once we update the Consumption Profile, we can compare our consumption with neighbouring homes and get accurate data and monthly reports. DEWA’s use of colours and multiple graphs make it easy to understand the dashboard, which helps us make informed decisions to enhance our consumption efficiency,”

said Haidar Zuhair Hadi.

“The programme enables us to obtain important tips tailored for our consumption, while considering the number of family members and types of devices used. These tips also draw our attention to adopting positive behaviour for energy efficiency, such as using energy-saving lamps (LED), cleaning them periodically to avoid dust accumulation and enhance the spread of light, the use of timers or motion sensors to control lamps, and appropriate dimmers to control lighting better,”

said Jan Paul Edward.

“I am very happy with the revamped version of DEWA’s smart app. It enabled us to use the ‘My Sustainable Living Programme’ for a smooth, easy and value-added digital experience. Most importantly, it is an entertaining and enjoyable experience for my children as I tell them about DEWA’s recommendations to reduce consumption. My children have become the first to apply these tips,”

said Margarette Nehme.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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