DFWAC launches 'mobile rehabilitation services' to ease customer access

DFWAC launches 'mobile rehabilitation services' to ease customer access

The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (DFWAC) has launched "mobile rehabilitation services" initiative to offer mobile services through home, school, and business visits by the care and rehabilitation department, to ease customer access to the foundation’s services.

The initiative will help women and children who have fallen victims to domestic abuse or human trafficking, while giving priority to serious cases where victims have endured abuse or neglect or have a physical condition prohibiting them from visiting the foundation's centers to get services.

The foundation said is making every effort to reach out to victims of violence and deliver professional services. Additionally, the Care and Rehabilitation Department established a mechanism to control visits and protect the rights of service recipients in accordance with local and national laws and regulations.

HE Shaikha Saeed Al Mansouri, DFWAC's Acting Director-General, said that the initiative will support the foundation's efforts to provide a prompt response and services of top-notch quality to all target audiences, particularly the most vulnerable groups.

“We look forward to fostering victims’ mental health, protecting them from any potential risks, and ensuring they realize positive results that help them restore their self-confidence and lead to recovery and a return to normalcy,”

She added.

Al Mansouri added that the foundation is keen to constantly launch awareness campaigns and initiatives that protect people from falling victims to violence or human trafficking, raise community awareness, and reach out to victims.

She stated that the UAE has developed effective laws, regulations, and specialized institutions to stop these crimes, if any, and provide world-class services to victims of such crimes.

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