Dh3,000 fine in the UAE for abandoning cars

Dh3,000 fine in the UAE for abandoning cars

Officers were seen placing stickers on dusty cars at parking lots and in front of houses.

Some UAE residents who just returned from long holidays were surprised to receive fines for their parked cars as authorities launched a crackdown on “abandoned cars” with a Dh3,000 fine.

One of them is Mahmood Ahmed who said:

“On Tuesday night I got an SMS from Abu Dhabi Municipality about a fine for some violation which really shocked me. Upon checking the details, I came to know that the fine was about my parked car because it was not clean.”

Abandoning cars is an offence punishable in Abu Dhabi with a Dh3,000 fine and vehicle confiscation. Last week, authorities in Abu Dhabi's Al Dhafra Region ramped up inspections to clear parking lots and public places of abandoned cars.

Officers were seen placing stickers on dusty cars at parking lots and in front of houses that had been left parked over a long period of time. The officers clarified that there are rules that must be followed to prevent health hazards.

Residents are urged to always maintain their cars' cleanliness and refrain from leaving them outdoors for long periods. The campaign is aimed at safeguarding public health, keeping spaces clean and tidy, and ensuring sustainable waste management.

Dh500 fine in Dubai and Sharjah

The fine for abandoning or leaving dirty cars in Dubai and Sharjah is lesser at Dh500 but authorities are likewise strict in implementing the rule.

According to a rule issued earlier by Dubai Municipality, car owners will be levied Dh500 fine if they leave their vehicles parked on public parking spaces unwashed for a long period of time.

The civic body explained the reason is both for aesthetic sense and safety as dirty cars are an eye sore to the public and can like pose risks to others if wind picks up the dust collected on car windows and blows it on people or other cars.

Inspectors have been deployed to target abandoned vehicles. Once the unkempt car has been identified, they will stick a notice on the vehicle’s windshield and drivers are given up to 15 days grace period to clean the car lest it will be impounded by authorities.

What happens if the vehicle owner will not contact the municipality to pay the fine? According to Dubai Municipality, the car will be sold in an auction.

Parked in prohibited areas

Back in 2021, Sharjah Municipality impounded a total of 3,911 “abandoned cars” across the emirate in the first six months of the year alone.

Car owners were notified to keep their vehicles properly cleaned but some seized vehicles were found with no plate numbers and were parked in prohibited areas. Sharjah Municipality noted the abandoned vehicles were eyesores and distorted the appearance of the city. The abandoned cars were towed to avoid more accumulation of dust and to clear the area.

What car owners can do?

According to authorities, car owners should arrange for somebody to clean their cars – or at least wipe the dust off vehicles – while they are away for a long time. Cars can be kept at a garage or underground parking, if available, or owners can ask a friend or family member to have the car cleaned. This is not only to keep the car clean but also for security purposes.

Car owners should also bear in mind that washing their vehicles at least once a week can help prevent the car exterior from rusting. A clean car also means that you maintain your vehicle in top shape.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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