DP World: CARGOES Flow Available Now

DP World: CARGOES Flow Available Now

DP World on Tuesday announced that CARGOES Flow - an end-to-end visibility platform for tracking intermodal shipments across the sea, air, and land - is now widely available.

CARGOES Flow is a one-stop-shop supply chain solution that provides end-to-end visibility for shipments irrespective of their shipping modes, carriers, and shipping lanes.

The platform, which requires no setup, features an intuitive, easy to use interface that allows users to gain insight into their supply chain and better manage productivity, planning, cost optimisation, and overall business performance.

Operating in the cloud, CARGOES Flow provides real-time intelligence on the status of active and completed shipments on a single, dedicated platform.

The key features of the platform include business intelligence – a dashboard highlighting key insights and trends of ongoing shipments, with key metrics and charts front and centre to identify potential inefficiencies and optimisation opportunities, also multi-level dashboard – a world map view of all active shipments and their current locations, including exceptions and alerts colour coded for easy interpretation.

Lastly, partner collaboration – facilitated collaboration among business partners through document sharing, tracking data sharing, and email notifications.

Mike Bhaskaran, Chief Operating Officer – Logistics and Technology at DP World, said,

"Today's end-to-end supply chain can be enormously complex, comprising numerous stakeholders, endpoints, and legacy siloed environments. We see CARGOES Flow as a direct challenge to that status quo, helping our customers consolidate their supply chain operations to ensure their logistics can freely operate with accuracy, efficiency, and interoperability without hindrance."

Pradeep Desai, Chief Technology Officer – Group Technology at DP World, stated,

"Predictive and real-time visibility are key drivers for better customer experience and operational efficiency in the supply chain. CARGOES Flow provides shippers & service providers visibility over their intermodal shipments by intelligently aggregating and analysing data from various sources, providing a unique experience that is unparalleled in Today's market."

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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