Dubai: A Guide for University Students to Apply for a Parking Permit

Dubai: A Guide for University Students to Apply for a Parking Permit

While many university students in Dubai rely on public transport, a significant number use private cars to commute to their institutions. Unlike metro travellers who deal with crowded trains, these students face the challenge of finding suitable parking spots. Given the UAE's intense heat, parking in open spaces can damage vehicles, and paid parking can be costly during long classes.

To address these issues, Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) offers a parking permit for university students. This permit allows parking in slots with codes A, B, C, and D within a 500-meter radius of the educational institution. Each permit is linked to one vehicle and cannot be used for reserved parking spaces.

How to Apply for a Student Parking Permit

Required Documents:

  • An official attestation from the higher education institution certifying that the applicant is a current student.
  • The applicant's driving license.
  • Proof of vehicle ownership (Mulkiya) or documentation showing the vehicle is owned by the applicant’s first or second-degree relative.


  • 30 days: Dh100
  • 3 months: Dh300
  • 6 months: Dh600
  • 12 months: Dh1,200

Application Process: The application can be completed through the RTA's website or at customer happiness centers. The process can take up to two days.

Steps to Apply Online:

  1. Visit the RTA website and select 'Apply for a Student Parking Permit'.
  2. Upload the required documents and provide the necessary details.
  3. Submit the application and wait for the RTA's response via SMS.
  4. Upon approval, students will receive a virtual permit, allowing them to park around the educational institution area.

This permit ensures that students have convenient and affordable parking options close to their universities, helping them avoid the stress of finding a parking spot and the high costs of paid parking.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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