Dubai announces a new fine payment system to lift travel bans automatically

Dubai announces a new fine payment system to lift travel bans automatically

Once fines are settled, the intelligent service has the capability to revoke arrest warrants and cease searches in collaboration with Dubai Police.

The Dubai Public Prosecution has launched an innovative electronic fine payment system, which permits individuals convicted in criminal cases to electronically settle fines and have their travel bans automatically lifted.

This digital service facilitates the payment of fines connected to criminal verdicts, encompassing fines issued under various legal circumstances such as in-person appearances, absenteeism, and legal representation. The service encompasses all legal stages, spanning initial hearings, appeals, and higher courts. Following the fine payment process, the smart system collaborates with Dubai Police to nullify arrest warrants and cease searches for the concerned individuals.

Shamsa Salem Al-Marri, who serves as the Director of the Strategy and Institutional Excellence Department and is also the Head of the Services Improvement Team, elucidated that the introduction of the smart fine payment service is a forward-looking digital service that has been integrated into the range of prosecution services. This integration aligns with the comprehensive 360-degree services approach, which has become a prevailing practice across all sectors and institutions.

She highlighted that this service is poised to yield positive outcomes by enhancing customer satisfaction and diminishing the necessity for individuals to personally visit the Public Prosecution headquarters to declare their default verdicts and make fine payments. Additionally, the service streamlines the payment process and procedures through electronic channels and contemporary payment tools. This development underscores the commitment to perpetual enhancement and ongoing monitoring to attain enhanced efficiency and efficacy.

Payment method

The Dubai Public Prosecution has outlined three methods through which customers can settle their fines:

  1. By selecting the link provided in the text message sent by the Public Prosecution. Upon clicking the link, customers will be directed to a page where they can log in using their digital ID and proceed to make electronic payments.
  2. Payment machines are available for electronic transactions, as well as cash payment machines. These machines accept various banknote denominations until the fine amount is fully paid. Alternatively, electronic payments can be made using cards.
  3. Customers can also make fine payments on the Public Prosecution website. Using their digital ID, they can log in and complete the electronic payment process.

Upon successful payment of fines, customers will receive a confirmation text message from the Public Prosecution, confirming the completion of the payment process. This message will also specify the revocation of any arrest warrants and the discontinuation of search efforts for the individual in question.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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