Dubai announces temporary closure of night swimming at beaches

Dubai announces temporary closure of night swimming at beaches

In response to the recent unfavorable weather conditions experienced over the weekend, Dubai Municipality has proactively implemented measures to safeguard the well-being of both residents and visitors.

Beginning from 7 pm on Sunday, August 6, the authorities made the decision to temporarily close all public parks across Dubai.

This precautionary action comes in the wake of weather alerts and rainfall that affected the country for two consecutive days. The municipality's primary focus is on prioritizing public safety, which led to these temporary adjustments.

Dubai Municipality communicated these updates through their social media platforms, announcing,

"Dubai Municipality announces the temporary closure of Public Parks starting from 6 pm today [Sunday], as a safety measure due to the prevailing weather conditions in #Dubai. Stay safe."

They also highlighted the temporary closure of night swimming beaches, underscoring their commitment to ensuring safety.

The authorities' intention behind these measures is to address potential challenges posed by inclement weather and maintain public health standards during unpredictable climate conditions.

While Dubai is renowned for its picturesque parks and inviting beaches, this decision aligns with the municipality's dedication to safeguarding public safety, especially during periods of unstable weather. As temperatures rise during the summer, many residents are opting for indoor activities as a safer alternative.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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