Dubai Customs' Ramadan special initiatives benefit over 62,000 participants

Dubai Customs' Ramadan special initiatives benefit over 62,000 participants

As the world celebrates the Zayed Humanitarian Day on the 19th of Ramadan, it is a reminder of the enduring legacy of Sheikh Zayed and his commitment to humanitarianism.

This occasion has become an annual platform for national entities to launch their humanitarian and charitable initiatives, underscoring the UAE's steadfast dedication to promoting volunteerism and humanity in all its glory. In line with this vision, Dubai Customs has bolstered its charitable community initiatives during the holy month of Ramadan, affirming the UAE's global leadership in humanitarian work.

Dubai Customs' unwavering commitment to its social responsibility is evident in the successful execution of 18 community and volunteer initiatives for various groups, including laborers, senior citizens, orphans, and underprivileged families. Additionally, the government department organized exclusive initiatives and events for its employees, such as Ramadan evenings, and health and religious lectures, benefiting over 62,000 beneficiaries. These initiatives epitomize the values of humanity, charity, and social cohesion, further cementing the UAE's culture of giving and compassion.

Dubai Customs' initiatives began before the start of Ramadan, including the Ramadan Mir campaign, which distributed 1,000 food baskets to underprivileged families in Dubai. Furthermore, the agency distributed 10,000 Iftar meals as part of the "Al-Furdah Hands" initiative to motorists before the Maghrib prayer, amounting to 2,500 meals every Saturday during Ramadan. In addition, Dubai Customs distributed nearly 40,000 Iftar meals throughout the holy month, targeting support workers and security guards at customs centers and various locations in Dubai. Another successful initiative, the "Sufrat Al Furdah (Al-Furdah Feast)," organized a communal Iftar for senior citizens at the Government Department's main building, with the participation of the volunteer Ghayath team. Dubai Customs also distributed date boxes to 2,000 families across Dubai, and over 8,000 workers benefited from its various health and wellness initiatives.

The initiatives undertaken by Dubai Customs were not limited to charitable efforts, but also extended to awareness and religious campaigns. With a strong emphasis on promoting the health and cultural awareness of its employees, Dubai Customs implemented several virtual lectures to educate its staff on healthy living, as well as instill the noble values emphasized during Ramadan. In addition to "Ramadan Al-Khair Competition", the employees were encouraged to share their knowledge of customs and social work.

Among the various lectures, a religious seminar titled "Values of Gratitude" was organized, along with informative talks on topics such as "How to Get Rid of Acid Reflux and Prevent It," "Your Health During Ramadan," and "The Health Benefits of Fasting and Proper Nutrition." Dubai Customs' commitment to promoting cultural awareness and healthy living is commendable and inspiring.

Dubai Customs' relentless dedication to humanitarian work and social responsibility embodies the spirit of Sheikh Zayed, whose legacy remains an inspiration to us all. The Government Department's initiatives have undoubtedly made a positive impact on the lives of many, underscoring the UAE's commitment to spreading compassion and giving.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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