AAHCI designates Dubai as its regional office in MENA region

AAHCI designates Dubai as its regional office in MENA region

The Alliance of Academic Health Centres International (AAHCI) has announced designating the Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) as the AAHCI Regional Office for The Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA) for two years beginning 1st July, 2023.

The American University of Beirut Medical Centre will remain the AAHCI MENA Regional Office host until June 2023.

Professor Alawi Alsheikh-Ali, AAHCI MENA Regional Ambassador and Chief Academic Officer of the Dubai Academic Health Corporation (DAHC), said that MBRU's designation as the regional centre for academic health is a key milestone in the journey as Dubai's First Academic Health System with a mission to impact lives and shape the future of health through the integration of care, learning, and discovery.

MBRU has been a member of AAHCI since 2021 and hosted its latest regional meeting in October 2022 under the theme, Transforming Academic Health Centres: Innovation and Resilience.

As the new AAHCI Regional Office, MBRU plans to forge a coordinated approach aimed at fostering effective solutions in five areas: Evolving Clinical Care: transforming the patient experience, Investment in Biomedical Research, Resilience of Academic Health Centres, Adaptations in Health Professions and Medical Education, and Partnerships and Community Outreach.

"Improvements in healthcare rarely occur in isolation. The challenges patients are facing in the region are being tackled by healthcare organisations across the globe. Every member of MENA AAHCI brings something valuable to the table. As the AAHCI Regional Office, we intend to leverage the strengths and expertise of each AAHCI member to expand knowledge and rapidly integrate medical advances into clinical practice and community outreach programs,"

Professor Alawi said.

He added,

"As Regional Ambassador, I'd like to officially invite healthcare organisations in the MENA region to join AAHCI. A well-coordinated, collaborative approach to solving today's pressing challenges is essential to improve the health and vitality of the communities we serve."

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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