Dubai: 5 Ways to Recharge Nol Cards for Less Than Dh20

Dubai: 5 Ways to Recharge Nol Cards for Less Than Dh20

Starting today, the minimum top-up for Nol cards has been increased to Dh20.

Earlier this month, RTA announced the new policy that came into effect today, January 15. However, this only applies to commuters topping up their Nol cards at ticket offices.

The higher pricing announced recently is aimed at reducing queues at offices in metro stations.

For other top-up mediums, the minimum amount remains Dh5, whereas it takes a balance of Dh15 for commuters to complete a round-trip journey.

Apart from ticketing offices, here are some ways commuters can recharge their Nol card for less than Dh20.

Smart applications

  • Nol Pay

The Nol Pay application can be used by commuters to top up their balance. The minimum cost remains the same as before. Nol Pay is also a loyalty and rewards programme that grants points to commuters every time they top up their card. These points can then be used later as Nol balance. They can also be used across various shopping outlets, restaurants, hotels, and more.

The application is available across Apple Store, Android, and Huawei devices.

  • RTA application

RTA's application is a portal to streamlined facilities for all Dubai commuters, be it public transport or private vehicle users.

Those who frequent the metro station can use the application to top up their Nol balance, along with checking their existing balance. The app also lets users view past transactions and trips, along with easy access to other metro facilities.

  • S'hail

This application is a platform for all RTA public transport services, from metro to taxis. The app lets commuters recharge as well as check Nol balance, along with other Nol card-related features.

Ticket vending machines

Vending machines that are placed near card scanning machines in metro stations have not increased their top-up price. The minimum amount remains Dh5. The machines accept both cash and card payments.

Solar top-up machines

These machines are placed at select bus stops across Dubai. Similar to ticket vending machines at the metro station, these let commuters top up their Nol card with a minimum of Dh5 and allow users to check their Nol balance.

RTA website

RTA's website offers a quick, 2-step process to top up Nol balance. Customers have to simply enter the card details and then proceed to pay.

To activate the pending top-up, commuters can use their card in any online parking meter, metro gate, nol pay application, or solar top-up machine after 45 minutes to 4 hours to update the balance.

Mahboub Chatbot

Mahboub Chatbot, an AI service offered across RTA's online platforms makes the top-up process a whole lot easier for commuters. The chatbot can be accessed through the RTA website, the RTA mobile app, and S'hail application.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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