Dubai Duty Free achieves Dhs3.56bn sales in 2021

Dubai Duty Free achieves Dhs3.56bn sales in 2021

Dubai Duty free also sold over 26 million units of merchandise. The top five selling categories for the year included perfumes followed by liquor, cigarettes and tobacco, gold and electronics.

Sales of perfumes reached Dhs698m and accounted for 19.59 per cent of the total annual sales. Liquor in second place recorded sales of Dhs617m and accounted for 17 per cent of all its sales.

Cigarettes and tobacco were meanwhile were reported to be Dhs348m, accounting for 10% of the total revenue.

Gold came in fourth place with sales totalling Dhs290m and accounting for 8 per cent of the total revenue, whereas electronics came in fifth place with sales of Dhs278m and accounting for 7.8 per cent of total annual sales.

Online sales accounted for 5 per cent of the overall sales tally for 2021 and reached Dhs177m.

Meanwhile, sales in Departures across the operation reached Dhs2.9bn and represented 84 per cent of total annual sales, while Arrivals sales reached Dhs373m and represented 10 per cent of its total annual sales.

Colm McLoughlin, Executive vice chairman and CEO of Dubai Duty Free, said,

“We have continued to develop our retail offer in all the Terminals and that included the opening of a Christian Dior boutique in Concourse A and B and a Louis Vuitton shop in Concourse B. We are now looking forward to the opening of a Cartier boutique in Concourse B and the reopening of the Chanel boutique in Concourse A in the first quarter of this year.”

News Source: Gulf Business

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