DIFC transforms into a stunning sculpture park

DIFC transforms into a stunning sculpture park

The second edition of the exhibition is currently taking place until the end of September, featuring a curated collection of over 70 works of art.

When you think of art galleries and sculptures in the city, the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) is not the first place you would think of. However, the financial district is fast becoming as well known for its artwork, as it is for the fintech companies mushrooming within its premises.

The second edition of the DIFC Sculpture Park is now underway at the location till the end of September. Bringing together more than 70 works of art curated under the theme ‘Tales Under the Gate’, the exhibition is a must-visit for art lovers in the country.

Here are some of the eye-catching pieces from there:

1. Hercules is a DJ

This quirky sculpture shows the mythical figure Hercules with a trendy headset, being a modern-day DJ. Crafted by artist Emre Yusufi, it is a comment on the power of music and its ability to connect people.

2. Sfera Conchiglia

This piece by Italian artist Gianfranco Maggiato is inspired by the torturous path that man must embark on to find himself. The artist invents the concept of ‘introsculpture’, in which the gaze of the observer is drawn towards the interior of the work.

3. Love Dubai

This attractive sculpture which is located on the outer realms of DIFC is eye-catching for one simple reason. When viewed from one side, it spells 'Love' and when viewed from the opposite side it spells 'Dubai'. What better way to celebrate this wonderful city?

4. Realm

This artwork by Bilal Hakan Karakaya uses recycled aluminium material. It signifies the increasing isolation people face in modern city life. It is also a reflection of how the artist is uneasy about how a city keeps restructuring itself.

5. UAE Toffee

This beautiful piece of artwork shows a toffee wrapped in the UAE flag. The eye-catching colours of the flag draw viewers to it and the piece symbolizes the happiness that people feel living in this country.

6. Geometrical Explanation

This intricate artwork by Mert Ege Kose tries to explain this world with geometry. The artist makes a reference to his understanding of the universe and pays homage to philosophers like Aristotle and Plato.

7. Hands Sculpture

Located directly under the DIFC’s iconic Gate building, this sculpture has been crafted by Lorenzo Quinn. Part of the ‘Now and Forever’ collection, the sculpture is considered a symbol of peace and friendship. It expresses Quinn’s belief in the power of art to reach through to people.

8. Unwind

Located on the grass outside DIFC, this artwork by Richard Hudson is titled Unwind. An attractive piece in shape and structure, it is open to interpretation to viewers.

9. The Digital Self

This sculpture invites viewers to consider the places where they live and work, and the memories that they create and preserve. Crafted by Italian artist Adonai Sebhatu, it is an homage to the digital world that we currently live in.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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