Dubai Launches New Program to Teach Soft Skills and Self-Advocacy to Children of Determination

Dubai Launches New Program to Teach Soft Skills and Self-Advocacy to Children of Determination

School representatives highlight that such sessions are important for children of determination to be introduced into the corporate world.

More than 175 children of determination have recently been given tools that will help them achieve their personal and professional goals. The ‘Unstoppable: Determined to Rise’ initiative helped students from 7 special needs schools across the UAE by giving them resources to build self-confidence, develop skills to learn, grow, explore their potential, and most importantly empower themselves in leading independent lives.

The event by Century Financial was held as part of an annual cultural festival of BITS Pilani University in Dubai. It taught the youngsters tools such as individual vision boards, colouring manifestation cards, framing personal goals, and setting a timetable for their daily self-care routine.

Issac Kwabena Afreh Aboagya, Senior School Department at the Rashid Center for the People of Determination said such sessions filled him with hope that creating an inclusive work environment was possible.

“The interactive work sessions conducted at the event have initiated them into journaling their thoughts, better understanding their personal and professional goals and empowering themselves through demonstrative and practical learning,”

he said.

Participants from various schools across the UAE including Al Noor Special Needs, Manzil Centre for Special Needs, SNF Development Centre, Awladouna Centre, Rashid Centre for People of Determination, Dubai Autism Centre, Tender Hearts Arena and Senses Residential & Daycare for Special Needs were benefited by the unique initiative.


School representatives highlighted that such sessions were important for children of determination to be introduced into the corporate world.

“While we help teach them skills that will make them capable and independent, the application of it is learnt on the job,”

said Issac.

“Interactions and application of their learning in a professional and more corporate environment help us assess their progress, understand their strengths and weaknesses and support them accordingly.

Noha Yousuf, Activities Coordinator at Senses Residential and Daycare for Special Needs agreed with him.

“We really appreciate the initiatives taken by corporates to help us provide a more inclusive environment for our students,” she said. “It is important for them to experience, interact and prepare themselves to put their best foot forward in a working environment. We urge more organisations to come forward and plan such activities with the student which brings out the best in them.”


At the event, there was a power talk that addressed self-advocacy – to help them understand rights and needs, and develop independent living skills - including learning how to manage their time, and developing budgeting and financial management skills which will help them feel more self-confident and take better control of their lives. The talk also highlighted the importance of participating in extra-curricular activities, seeking out mentorship opportunities and building a supportive network as they navigate challenges and pursue goals.

Parents of participating children were grateful for the opportunity. Suchi and Sumesh Satyan, parents of 17-year-old Shantanu Nair Sumesh from the Rashid Center for Determined Ones said such initiatives opened doors for their son.

“It is important to integrate children into the mainstream,”

they said.

“It was a day of bridging gaps not just for our child to know his capabilities but also for society as more doors open to frame an inclusive environment. The capacity-building tools provided today are going to make a deeper impact as our children are going to feel more sorted and in control of their lives. With that in hand, I’m sure they’ll go to lengths in chasing their dreams.”

News Source: Khaleej Times

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