Dubai Municipality Launches Updated ‘Knowledge and Innovation Strategy’ and ‘Knowledge and Innovation Charter’

Dubai Municipality Launches Updated ‘Knowledge and Innovation Strategy’ and ‘Knowledge and Innovation Charter’

Dubai Municipality launched the updated ‘Knowledge and Innovation Strategy’ alongside the ‘Knowledge and Innovation Charter’ in conjunction with the UAE Innovation Month, ‘UAE Innovates 2024.’

The launch took place during an exhibition held at the Municipality’s headquarter, aiming to motivate and engage community members in developing innovative solutions to address prevalent challenges. The initiative aligns with a vision that seeks to elevate the UAE’s global position by fostering advanced and innovative approaches to development and lifestyle enhancement.

Dubai Municipality's involvement in ‘UAE Innovates 2024’ is part of its vision to becoming a leading municipality for a global city, guided by core values such as competitiveness, proactiveness, and participation. This commitment aligns with the Municipality’s strategy of embracing innovation, knowledge, and creativity, further reinforcing its commitment to fostering an advanced and innovative knowledge economy within the UAE.

H.E. Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, affirmed that the UAE Innovation Month reflects the nation’s commitment to a forward-thinking strategy, reinforcing its position among global innovation leaders. He emphasized the wise leadership’s ambition to fostering creative and pioneering ideas in innovation. The UAE's Centennial 2071 initiatives further highlight this commitment, focusing on establishing an advanced education system in science and technology to elevate the knowledge economy. Furthermore, this vision aims to cultivate an environment that promotes and supports entrepreneurship and innovation, solidifying the country's position as the future capital.

H.E. Al Hajri said:

"In line with our commitment to fostering a culture of leadership and innovation and coinciding with the UAE Innovation Month 2024, we have launched the ‘Knowledge and Innovation Strategy’ and the ‘Knowledge and Innovation Charter’ within Dubai Municipality. This initiative is in accordance with our Strategic Plan 2022-2026, which aims to stay updated with the rapid growth and development of Dubai.”

H.E. Al-Hajri further emphasized that the innovation system holds top priority within municipal strategies and plans. It involves permanent investments, development, and ensuring sustainability to meet future challenges. This can be achieved through programs and initiatives aimed at nurturing talent, enhancing skills, and providing a supportive and stimulating environment for young and creative energies, empowering them to implement their ideas and contribute to the creation of sustainable solutions for the future.

A pioneering strategy

The focus of the updated ‘Knowledge and Innovation Strategy’ is devised to strengthen governance and processes of knowledge management and innovation, aligning with best global practices and standards. It further seeks to diversify and expedite the innovation portfolio to bolster municipal competitiveness, foster strategic partnerships and cultivate a culture of collaboration and complementarity through knowledge sharing and lifelong learning approaches. The key objective is to highlight sustainable growth of knowledge assets within the municipal framework.

Additionally, it aims to increase intellectual capital and promote intellectual property, further advancing research and studies development, institutional learning, and the adoption of best practices within the municipality. It also involves leveraging advanced technologies and digital systems, harnessing the capabilities of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies to enhance overall outcomes. Furthermore, the initiative aims to empower staff to efficiently manage knowledge and innovation, shaping an impactful future by enhancing Dubai Municipality's knowledge and innovation website for effective future solutions.

Knowledge and Innovation Charter

Dubai Municipality's ‘Knowledge and Innovation Charter’ focuses on the establishment of a pioneering innovation system and enhancing preparedness for the future. This involves adhering to national policies, strategies, and frameworks pertaining to knowledge and innovation. The Municipality also strives to allocate essential financial, human, and technical resources for the implementation of innovative programs and projects. Embracing a culture of continuous learning is a core principle of the Charter, encouraging staff to create a positive environment for idea generation. It further emphasizes participation in innovation laboratories and extends support to safeguard the rights of innovative intellectual classifications.

The Charter also highlights the significance of forging knowledge and innovation partnerships, elevating collaboration levels with diverse entities and maintaining partnerships with research institutions and scientific bodies through an integrated partnership system. Additionally, the initiative seeks to boost client participation in generating innovative ideas and designing innovations across various municipal fields. Appreciating their contributions is key to achieving the highest levels of societal happiness and reinforcing Dubai’s global position in innovation.

Workshops and Sessions

The Municipality organized several workshops and panel discussion sessions with the attendance of about 30 government and private employees, along with a number of school and university students who reviewed their innovative projects.

Furthermore, they also discussed topics on innovation, leadership, creativity, and its future linkage, strengthening of intellectual property, and the latest research and studies on the field of 3D concrete printing. The Municipality also highlighted technical studies on assessing air quality and measuring awareness in labor housing.


Dubai Municipality has finalized Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with several government and private entities, including agreements with the Ministry of Economy for intellectual property support, another with Xantium Management Consulting Company in the field of innovation and knowledge, leveraging the company’s platform, Government 01.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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