Dubai: Essential tips to save up to 50% on water, electricity bills this summer

Dubai: Essential tips to save up to 50% on water, electricity bills this summer

UAE Utility Providers Share Tips for Efficient Consumption With the summer season in full swing, utility bills are expected to rise alongside the soaring temperatures in the UAE.

To help consumers minimize wastage and reduce their expenses, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and other utility service providers offer valuable guidelines.

DEWA's Smart Living initiative provides smart tools and programs to assist consumers in managing their electricity and water consumption effectively, promoting a sustainable lifestyle. The Consumption Assessment Tool enables residential customers to assess their usage and make informed decisions with personalized tips. Residents like Hassan Shaukat are already taking steps to be mindful of their utility consumption. From switching off lights to avoiding unnecessary water usage, they understand that small actions can make a significant difference. Sharing money-saving tips on platforms like WhatsApp, they strive to protect both the environment and their hard-earned money

Here are some tips that can be used by Dubai and UAE consumers to reduce their electricity, water and gas bills:


  • Switch off electrical water heaters during summer
  • Switch off water coolers during winter (Consumers can save up to 50 per cent of their electric bills by taking the above two measures)
  • Buy solar/electrical water heaters with top ESMA rating
  • To avoid wasting energy, set fridge temperature at 4°C
  • Keep freezer temperature at -18°C.
  • Microwaves consumes less energy than ovens
  • Use flat-bottom pans for best contact with the heat, with tight-fitting lids to keep the steam in the container
  • Pressure cookers use less energy than ordinary pots and pans
  • Check refrigerator/freezer door gasket for deterioration
  • Place hot food in the refrigerator after at least half an hour
  • Maintain good distances between fridge and oven, dishwasher, dryer
  • Keep your fridge away from direct sunlight
  • Always buy a fridge with a high energy efficiency rating


  • Use efficient lights (LED)
  • Clean bulbs regularly as dirt decreases illumination
  • Use timers/motion detectors to control lights operation
  • Install dimmers to control the brightness

Air-conditioners (ACs)

  • Keep thermostat at 24°C, or higher; each degree increase in set point can save up to 5 per cent on AC consumption
  • Energy-efficient ACs with 4 or 5 stars rating can save up to 25% of cooling consumption
  • Clean AC filters periodically to reduce energy consumption
  • Use curtains etc. to reduce the heat entering through glass or windows
  • Apply weather-stripping/caulking around doors/windows to keep cooled air inside the house

Water saving techniques

  • Run dishwasher/washing machine when it is full
  • Buy a washing machine with a high ESMA efficiency rating (5 or 4 stars)
  • Buy a washing machine that suits your family's needs
  • Dryers consume a lot of electricity, and use sunshine to dry clothes
  • Replace regular shower heads with water-efficient ones
  • Aerators can reduce tap water use by up to 40 per cent
  • Turning off the water when brushing teeth/shaving can save over 19 litres per day
  • Clean vegetables in a bowl partially filled with water rather than running water from the tap
  • Reuse the water for plants at home
  • Wash the car with a bucket of soapy water, not a hose/pipe
  • Cover the swimming pool to prevent water loss through evaporation

News Source: Khaleej Times

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