Dubai Taxi to add 58 public schools to DTC School Bus App

Dubai Taxi to add 58 public schools to DTC School Bus App

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC), a subsidiary of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has initiated ‎ the integration ‎ of 58 government schools ‎ including more than 20,000 students into its school bus application (DTC School Bus App).

This move is a part of DTC's plan to expand its ‎ services to government schools throughout ‎the emirate. Presently,‎ DTC's school buses provide ‎transportation services on approximately 800 routes.

“The services of DTC’s School Bus app include the registration of students, and the registration of parents to enable them to track the movement of buses to and from schools. The app sends instant notifications to parents when students arrive at school or home, in addition to notifications in the event of an unexpected traffic jam. The app helps save time as parents can report the absence of a student, which enables the bus driver to proceed on the route in an appropriate manner in the event of any impact on the bus journey,''

said Abdullah Ibrahim Al Meer, Director of Digitisation and Commercial Development, DTC.

“Dubai Taxi Corporation is keen to fit school buses with advanced ‎ technologies including surveillance systems to ensure that no student is left behind on any bus, and electronic trackers of buses and students using onboard devices. This approach upholds ‎the highest safety and security standards,”

explained Al Meer.

The app enables the bus driver to monitor the technical details of the bus such as the kilometres travelled and contact the control centre. It also sends notifications in case of traffic congestion, bus breakdown, changes in the timing of students boarding or leaving the bus besides notifying the control centre of any emergency cases. Such measures ensure compliance with the highest safety and security standards and in line with Dubai's surveillance systems.‎

DTC continuously provides specialised training programmes for drivers to practice safe and responsible driving in line with RTA’s standards that attach paramount importance to the safety of students.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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