Planning a Trip? Here's How to Secure Free Police Protection for Your Home in Dubai

Planning a Trip? Here's How to Secure Free Police Protection for Your Home in Dubai

Other methods to safeguard your property include installing motion sensors or CCTV cameras, securing doors and windows, and leaving lights on.

Are you thinking about taking a vacation, but are you concerned about leaving your home alone? It is crucial to ensure the security of your property when traveling.

It goes without saying that installing CCTV or motion sensor cameras, safely locking doors and windows, and leaving lights on are the best defenses against intruders. But did you know that, in addition, you might ask the Dubai Police for assistance with home security?

To safeguard properties while their occupants are on vacation, traveling domestically or abroad, or for other purposes, a complimentary preventive security service is offered. With the help of this service, homeowners of villas can keep an eye on their properties by using neighborhood patrols.

Even less time is wasted if residents register at the airport right before they leave the nation. When not in Dubai, users can still register for the smart home security software. Get started by downloading the Dubai Police smart home security app, registering for the service, and providing information about your house and travel schedule. Then, while you are away, Dubai Police will send patrols to check on your house.

Required information

  • Applicant’s Emirates ID number
  • Valid Email ID
  • Mobile phone number
  • Makani number
  • Villa number
  • Travel details (Departure and Arrival dates)
  • Communication details in case of emergency (name, mobile phone number)

Steps to get the service

  • Fill up the application form
  • Attach requirements
  • Submit request
  • Receive transaction number via SMS and Email to follow-up on request

Terms and condition

  • The residence should be in Dubai
  • The residence should be a house (villa) not apartment
  • All windows and entrances should be locked
  • Wardrobes and safes where valuables are stored should not be unsealed
  • Valuable jewellery and money should be deposited in safe boxes in banks
  • Car keys or that of any transport should not be in easily accessible places to avoid theft

Service channels

News Source: Khaleej Times

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