Dubai reinforces its technological advancement and commitment to a tech-driven future

Dubai reinforces its technological advancement and commitment to a tech-driven future

• City’s emphasis on digital solutions and cutting-edge technologies, perfectly aligns with the objectives of D33 agenda
• The recent launch of the Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence marks a transformative milestone in leveraging technology to enhance government sector performance
• Dubai embraces transformative technologies across sectors such as transportation, logistics, trade, sustainability, retail and finance
• D33 agenda sets a target of attaining an annual added economic value of AED100 billion from digital transformation initiatives over the next decade
• RTA steps up data processing speed to 50% by launching a comprehensive enterprise platform for AI and data science
• Dubai Smart Self-Driving Strategy aspires to transform 25% of all mobility journeys in Dubai into smart, autonomous trips by the year 2030

In a significant stride towards a tech-driven future, Dubai has once again demonstrated its unwavering commitment to technological advancement with the recent launch of the Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DCAI).

Launched by His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai, the ground breaking initiative further strengthens Dubai's status as one of the world's most technologically advanced cities. The DCAI is poised to revolutionise the deployment of future technologies across key sectors, empowering government entities to embrace the transformative power of AI and generative AI tools to enhance productivity and optimise government services.

Under the visionary leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the emirate has consistently set its sights on becoming a global leader in preparing for emerging opportunities and challenges while actively shaping the future. With this launch, Dubai takes yet another leap forward in its rapid adoption of AI and future technologies, remaining in perfect sync with the ever-evolving landscape of global technology innovation.

In another recent launch by HH Sheikh Hamdan, Dubai’s Digital Strategy is going to set the stage for a new era of digital transformation, in line with the leadership’s vision to position Dubai as a global role model in the sector.

Dubai's trailblazing journey towards a tech-driven future is not only propelling it as one of the world's most technologically advanced cities but also aligning seamlessly with the transformative objectives outlined in the Dubai Economic Agenda, D33. The launch of D33 by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, set in motion a new phase of development with ambitious strategic goals aimed at strengthening Dubai's economic leadership and serving as a global model for progress in various sectors.

A core objective of the D33 is to increase the added economic value derived from Dubai's long-standing digital transformation journey, which has already achieved remarkable advancements over the years. Recognising the critical importance of digital transformation, the directive within the economic agenda sets a target of reaching an annual added economic value of AED100 billion from digital transformation initiatives over the next decade. This ambitious endeavour aims to reinforce Dubai's status as a global hub of the digital economy while establishing its influential role as a significant contributor to the global digital ecosystem.

The city's comprehensive digital infrastructure, forward-thinking leadership and thriving ecosystem of tech start-ups position it at the forefront of innovation. As Dubai embraces transformative technologies across sectors such as transportation, logistics, trade, sustainability, retail and finance, it not only elevates its own status but also showcases to the world the potential for creating a thriving, technologically advanced society.

By nurturing a conducive ecosystem, leveraging legislative support, and implementing strategic plans, Dubai has created an environment where innovation flourishes, empowering the city's strategic sectors to seize the boundless opportunities presented by the digital age.

Trade and Logistics

Dubai's unwavering pursuit of a tech-driven future has sparked a wave of digital transformation across diverse government entities, positioning Dubai Customs as a frontrunner in revolutionising logistics and trade through innovative technological solutions. Recognised by the International Monetary Fund as one of the world's foremost logistics institutions, Dubai Customs has embraced modern technologies, digitised its operations and automated customs procedures, resulting in enhanced efficiency, increased revenue and seamless trade facilitation.

Dubai Customs achieved remarkable milestones in 2022, clearing an unprecedented 22.5 million customs declarations through the implementation of smart applications like Mirsal 2, Smart Risk Engine, Advanced Container Scanning System, Smart Workspace Platform, Disclosure Programme, and the Economic Operator Programme.

In line with the Dubai E-Commerce Strategy, Dubai Customs, has embraced blockchain technology to create a cross-border e-commerce platform. This strategic move aims to bolster Dubai's position as a global logistics hub by streamlining document requirements for customs clearance and reducing fees for free zone gate crossings, thereby facilitating e-commerce companies operating in the region.

Renewable Energy

Dubai is also making impressive progress in its digital transformation efforts in the energy sector. Digital DEWA, a subsidiary of DEWA, the world's first digital utility, is driving this transformation by combining digital and energy technologies. Digital DEWA is pioneering autonomous systems for renewable energy and storage, leveraging artificial intelligence, and offering a range of digital services. It is dedicated not only to providing smart services and devices to enhance the customer experience and support employee services, but also actively strives to optimise energy consumption through the utilisation of innovative energy storage technologies and state-of-the-art self-learning systems for devices and machines.


RTA supports Dubai efforts in digital transformation by capitalising on technologies from the fourth industrial revolution to enhance the operational efficiency and upgrade the level of services offered to customers. In this regard, RTA collaborated with leading global businesses to launch of a comprehensive enterprise platform for AI and data science designed at the top global standards. The platform has a huge ability to process RTA-owned data, and restructure it for use in training innovative models that foster innovation and leadership across diverse areas of RTA’s scope of business. Such areas include predictive maintenance of roads and bridges, planning mass transit routes, crowd management, and others.

RTA has also recently inaugurated a comprehensive digital experience laboratory; a pioneering initiative among Dubai's Government entities aimed to enhance the experience of customers across digital channels, and improve employees' interaction with digital systems by involving stakeholders at every stage of the digital services design process. The laboratory plays a significant role in improving the quality and design of services from a customer's perspective. It enhances and unifies their experience across various digital channels, which adds to customer satisfaction. Such a drive is aligned with the 360-services policy focused on providing comprehensive services across all digital channels in a smooth and proactive manner that matches customer aspirations.

Unified Digital Platforms

Significant efforts were made to bolster the emirate’s commercial sector by extending support to businesses and offering a comprehensive range of digital services. These services aim to simplify the process for business owners, investors, and companies in establishing and managing their commercial projects within the emirate. With the introduction of the 'Invest in Dubai' platform in 2021, Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, has played a pivotal role in fostering strong growth within the trade sector. This platform serves as a unified digital platform for setting up businesses, reaffirming Dubai's status as a global investment destination and the preferred choice for both local and international investors and entrepreneurs.

The 'Invest in Dubai' platform provides a seamless and efficient experience for conducting business, aligning with the Digital Dubai approach. As the largest unified platform, it grants investors the opportunity to obtain trade licenses and commence business operations within minutes.

Dubai's concerted efforts to promote investment and trade have become compelling incentives for technology companies worldwide to capitalise on the facilities offered by the emirate. These initiatives have been unveiled by the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy as part of its strategic plans for the upcoming phase. The Chamber aims to attract 300 digital start-ups to Dubai by the end of 2024, alongside over 100 international experts specialising in advanced technologies. Moreover, the Chamber is actively involved in enhancing laws and policies that foster the growth of the digital economy, promoting digital transformation within local companies, and creating an improved business environment to attract global digital enterprises. These endeavours significantly contribute to the realisation of Dubai's economic agenda outlined in D33.

In its ongoing commitment to enhancing the efficiency of its government sectors and achieving optimal performance, the city has also introduced a ground breaking digital platform that facilitates immediate strategic communication among government leaders. This platform, known as “Hub Nub,” is a smart application developed by the Digital Dubai Authority. It serves as a global exemplar in adopting cutting-edge solutions that ensure swift decision-making and high-quality performance within government operations.

In another initiative, DubaiNow has emerged as a crucial application in Dubai, offering a wide range of services with exceptional quality and reliability. Aligned with the digital vision of the Dubai Government, this app serves as a unified digital channel, streamlining numerous essential applications for users. With over 170 services provided by over 35 government and private entities, DubaiNow simplifies and enhances user experiences.

The application has witnessed remarkable success, with more than 20 million transactions completed, amounting to a value exceeding AED10 billion since its launch. Last year alone, DubaiNow facilitated four million digital payment transactions, totalling AED2 billion.

Dubai has been committed to fostering entrepreneurship in the technology sector and has outlined comprehensive plans to support start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) over the next decade. The objective is to facilitate their complete digital transformation and encourage the automation of their processes. To achieve this, Dubai has introduced a range of programmes and initiatives designed to train entrepreneurs, help them utilise innovative ideas that promote digital transformation and enhance their tools. One notable initiative is SANDBOX, established by Dubai Silicon Oasis, the integrated technology free zone.

The initiative is the first of its kind in the MENA region, offering support to early-stage tech start-ups scale and raise funds. By providing a nurturing environment and essential resources, SANDBOX empowers start-ups to thrive and grow in the dynamic tech landscape.

As part of efforts to foster Dubai’s digital transformation, Digital Dubai Authority established the region’s first-of-its-kind AI Lab that seeks to accelerate the city’s emergence as the smartest city in the world. Launched in collaboration with IBM, the pioneering initiative aims to leverage AI technology to create an efficient and effective government system, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for citizens, residents and visitors.

The city’s relentless pursuit of digital transformation is reflected in its ongoing unveiling of new initiatives and projects. With a focus on optimising innovative solutions, accelerating development rates and enhancing the quality of life, the emirate strives to maintain its status as the world's top city to live, work and visit. Through these efforts, Dubai continually adapts to the evolving needs of its diverse community, providing exceptional services that meet the highest standards.

News Source: Dubai Media Office

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