Top EdTech Companies Reshaping Learning in Dubai

Top EdTech Companies Reshaping Learning in Dubai

Dubai is continuing its strive to achieve excellence in various sectors. With technology being integrated into majority of the industries, the education sector is not far behind. The edtech landscape is evolving to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. These companies are reshaping the way education is perceived and delivered. By embracing technology, personalization, and futuristic learning methods, these companies are laying the foundation for a more dynamic, adaptive, and globally competitive education system.

Here are some of the edtech companies that will make learning fun and easier in Dubai.


Asafeer Education Technologies is a popular edtech company in Dubai. They have launched ‘3asafeer’ to make learning Arabic easier. The app features a digital library of stories and interactive video lessons. Founded by Amr Abu-Hmeidan, this application teaches children with the help of exercises, worksheets, and fun educational games. The learning materials are organized based on difficulty levels, emphasizing both intellectual growth (IQ) and emotional intelligence development for children.

3asafeer can be accessed via their mobile app and website. The mobile application is available for download on Google Play and App Store.


Almentor is an e-learning and professional development network catering to the Middle East and Africa. Serving as a go-to hub for online learning, the platform proudly offers a diverse range of content, including motivational lectures, courses on entrepreneurship, soft skills, and parental and relationship management in both English and Arabic. Additionally, they curate top-rated training programs featuring expert-created content and guided curriculum, delivered through interactive methods. With a vision to inspire Arab self-learners, Almentor has been enabling professionals to excel and reach their maximum potential through the platform.

Visit their website to learn more about their offerings. The application is available on Google Play.  


Developed by TechKnowledge in 2018, DeepKnowledge is a prominent e-library platform service that offers sophisticated library management solutions. This cloud-based platform specializes in providing tailor-made access to a vast array of content and resources. The mission of the platform is to assist researchers and information seekers in acquiring accurate facts and valuable insights. More than providing library management solutions, it serves as a tool for corporations aiming to launch their own e-libraries. The platform covers an extensive range of subjects and databases, including medical, academic, engineering, and scientific journals and reviews.

Visit the website to learn more about the product. You can download the mobile application through Google Play or App Store.


EdNex is a cutting-edge educational consultancy based in Dubai. They provide experiential learning solutions for K-12, higher education, and vocational and industrial organizations. Pioneering the integration of technology, EdNex offers world-class products and innovative solutions to address evolving training and learning needs. The team’s vision is to revolutionize traditional teaching methods and build a future where education fosters creativity, curiosity, and knowledge.

Visit their website to learn more.


Established in 2019, englease is a prominent edtech company dedicated to delivering live online English learning classes. With a team of expert full-time teachers, they offer English courses to empower professionals and individuals with language skills that significantly impact their employment opportunities across diverse industries. The company boasts successful collaborations with leading global corporations like NOKIA, Zain, and Sephora. Backed by major investors such as LearnCapital, 500Global, and Wamda, englease has established itself as a reliable platform.

Visit their website to get your English-language learning journey started. You can download the app version on Google Play and App Store.

Training Calendar

Training Calendar is the world's first platform for skill development and career progression using the power of AI. The platform unites the stakeholders and connects them with each other.  The buyers invest in courses for skill needs, sellers offer relevant courses, and beneficiaries reap the benefits of enhanced skills. It caters to a diverse audience, including corporate professionals and graduate students. Accounting, finance, engineering, IT, business management, marketing, project management, and data science are some of the courses they offer. You can easily search for courses based on parameters like location, price, and category.

Visit their website to check out their offerings. You can download the mobile version through Google Play and App Store.

Sindyan Educational Media

Sindyan Educational Media is an edtech company that is popular for developing educational apps tailored for children aged 4-9 years. Driven by the belief that education is fundamental, Sindyan is committed to providing every child with high-quality learning experiences that contribute to their well-being and unlock their full potential. The company employs technology to create engaging, meaningful, and enjoyable learning experiences for children. The flagship product of this edtech startup is 'STEM Buddies,' an animated short series covering various educational topics within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) domain. The apps feature quizzes, mini-games, and puzzles centered around STEM subjects to make learning engaging. The app is available in both English and Arabic.

Visit their website to learn more about their concept. The application is available for download on Google Play and App Store.


Founded in 2005, Potential started as a coaching and training consultancy, aiding international organizations in maximizing performance and addressing critical business challenges. The company later transitioned into a pioneer in educational technology, becoming a leading hub for online learning in emerging markets. Their primary offering is an engaging online learning platform designed to make education enjoyable. Their focus extends to enhancing performance, fostering social impact, and supporting staff development through practical business education. The platform provides a diverse array of programs catering to both corporations and individuals.

Visit their website to check out their diverse offerings.

Nahla Wa Nahil

Nahla wa Nahil is a meticulously crafted e-literacy platform designed to elevate Arabic learning outcomes for K-9 students. Embracing digital transformation, it offers a personalized learning experience tailored to each child's unique abilities. Collaborating with leading publishers, the platform provides unlimited access to a rich collection of Arabic books, audio, educational games, and quizzes. Nahla Wa Nahil empowers children to track their self-development, add reflections, boost brain power, and enhance empathic skills as they engage in Arabic reading and comprehension. Equipped with built-in rewarding mechanisms, Nahla Wa Nahil aims to foster encouragement and motivation among children. The program is crafted by Arabic language specialists, teachers, and developers.

Visit their website to learn more about this award-winning application. It is available for download on Google Play and App Store.

Creative Technology Solutions

Established in 2013, Creative Technology Solutions (CTS) emerged to address the unique IT needs of the education sector in the Middle East. Acknowledging the distinctiveness of each school, CTS aims to provide tailored and compelling IT solutions aligned with the specific requirements and aspirations of educational institutions. Their solutions range from simple Learning Management Systems for formative assessment to comprehensive Flipped Classroom setups, including 1-to-1 learning initiatives. With esteemed partnerships with top technology players like Intel, Microsoft, and Google, CTS has designed educational software, tablets, and platforms that make learning interactive and enjoyable.

Visit their website to check out their offerings.

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