EHS unveils its Innovation Strategy for 2023-2026

EHS unveils its Innovation Strategy for 2023-2026

Dr. Yousif Mohammed Al Serkal, Director-General of Emirates Health Services (EHS), asserted that EHS is working to accomplish ambitious healthcare goals, implement international best practices, and keep pace with the UAE’s strategic directions to enhance the health sector’s readiness and build a healthy community that enjoys a high quality of life.

Al Serkal made the statement as EHS launched its Innovation Strategy 2023-2026, while taking part in the Arab Health Exhibition & Congress (Arab Health 2023), that kicked off on 30th January and wrapped up its activities on 2nd February at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Al Serkal said,

“The Innovation Strategy 2023-2026 is a roadmap for moving forward, better embodying the vision and aspirations of our wise leadership, and achieving our goals to enhance the sustainability of the future healthcare sector. This, in turn, empowers the industry to make greater contributions towards achieving the National Strategy for Wellbeing 2031, the ‘We the UAE 2031’ national vision, and ultimately, the ‘UAE Centennial 2071’ Plan, which envisions a sustainable healthcare sector."

Dr. Kulthum Al Balushi, Chief Innovation Officer, Director of Training and Development Centre at EHS, stated,

“The strategy aims to promote healthy lifestyles and quality of life within the various segments of the community, by developing public, preventative, and mental health programmes, in addition to launching comprehensive and integrated health and treatment services that are in line with medical and digital health best practices. It also strives to promote innovation practices that are rooted in flexibility, proactivity, and readiness, in addition to building and managing strategic partnerships, developing capabilities, raising the quality of services, and achieving financial efficiency and global competitiveness, in line with national strategies and projects for the health sector.”

The strategy outlines a set of objectives that EHS intends to achieve, such as enhancing the sustainability of health-related innovations by investing in health systems and building up economic resilience. Another goal is to develop the health economy by advancing healthcare services and programmes, and increasing the return on investment through innovative solutions. Furthermore, it is essential to establish an innovation-friendly corporate environment, strengthen internal capabilities, and streamline innovation practices.

The strategy also aims to adopt pilot projects by developing experimental models, applying innovations and expanding their impact, strengthening partnerships to develop health innovation, and building strong support for healthcare startups.

The innovation strategy is based on six main pillars, namely, proactive thinking, creating opportunities, collaboration, continuity and change, focus on customers, and focus on entrepreneurship.

At this year’s edition of the Arab Health Exhibition & Congress, EHS announced a bundle of smart health projects, programmes, and applications, in addition to organising a series of “roundtable” panel discussions and concluding several agreements with local and international institutions.

EHS is guided by a clear vision to be a leader in providing distinguished healthcare services that keep pace with the UAE’s vision and align with international standards.

EHS’s mission is to establish a sustainable, integrated, effective, and innovative system of health services that is available to all members of the Emirati community, as well as visitors.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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