‘Ethraa Career Fair’ kicks off in Dubai

‘Ethraa Career Fair’ kicks off in Dubai

The "‘Ethraa Career Fair’ kicked off today at the Emirates Institute of Finance (EIF) headquarters in Dubai.

Organised by the EIF with the participation of the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council, (NAFIS), the strategic partner of the institute, the event runs until 18th May and is dedicated to employing young Emiratis looking for work in the financial and banking sector.

The fair was attended by Saif Humaid Al Dhaheri, Assistant Governor of the Central Bank of the UAE - Strategic Affairs, Financial Infrastructure and Digital Transformation Sector, and several heads and representatives of banks and insurance companies.

The first Ethraa Career Fair features over 50 key banks and insurance, exchange and financing companies from the region. It is being held under a national initiative by the institute to generate 1,500 jobs, with 700 in the banking sector, 300 in the insurance sector, 500 in the exchange sector and 50 in financing companies, by connecting banks and leading companies in the financial sector in the region with the best candidates from the UAE.

The fair is taking place as part of the strategic plan of the institute, supported by the Emiratisation agenda in the financial and insurance sectors, to prepare a generation of national experts capable of leading business sectors that promote the national economy, as well as enable them to take advantage of opportunities to gain new skills and engage in the labour market.

Several workshops are taking place on the sidelines of the fair, in collaboration with NAFIS, on Mondays and Wednesdays, while a special pavilion will offer guidance to job seekers.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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