Where to Find Free EV Charging Stations in the UAE?

Where to Find Free EV Charging Stations in the UAE?

Responding to the growing demand for electric vehicles (EVs), UAE is planning widespread accessibility to fast-charging stations.

EV sales surged to 11.3% of total sales last year, up from 3.7% in 2022, with a goal of reaching 50% by 2050. To address range anxiety and promote sustainability, the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure and Etihad Water and Electricity launched UAEV, the country's first government-owned EV charging network. Installation of 100 stations across all emirates is expected within seven months.

Where would these stations come up?

Badr Mohammad Rabia Al Awadhi, head of sustainability at EtihadWE and UAEV programme lead, emphasized deploying fast-charging units at popular public places near residential areas. Addressing the challenge faced by apartment dwellers without EV chargers, UAEV aims to install stations in public parking areas, ensuring convenience and alleviating range anxiety.

Al Awadhi highlighted EVs' ample range of 400km per charge, sufficient for inter-emirate travel, with charging stations planned at strategic locations including shopping centers, highways, and workplaces.

How have locations been finalised?

Al Awadhi highlighted a meticulous location selection process involving traffic analysis and consideration of surrounding amenities. Collaboration with stakeholders like ministries and municipalities ensures optimal station placement. Charging stations will also be integrated into petrol stations through partnerships with Emarat, Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), Aldar Properties, and LuLu Hypermarket and others, strategically targeting high-traffic locations identified for EV driver convenience.

Can you buy a UAEV unit or install it at apartments?

Al Awadhi clarified that UAEV doesn't install chargers in residential areas or sell them, as they operate charging points rather than manufacture or distribute chargers. Their focus is on establishing charging infrastructure in public areas to serve EV drivers' needs efficiently.

Can companies install UAEV units at workplaces?

UAEV considers requests for charging stations from companies with a significant percentage of EV-driving employees, accommodating their needs by installing charging infrastructure as required.

What will be price points per charge?

UAEV's services are currently free until year-end, with pricing to be determined by the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure. Rates will apply to UAEV and other charge point operators, with announcements forthcoming.

24X7 call centre, app, infrastructure

UAEV has access to over 2,500 government buildings, highways, and key assets of EtihadWE, ensuring scalability across all emirates. Charging unit reliability will be maintained with top hardware manufacturers. State-of-the-art digital platforms and 24/7 call center support will also be available to the public.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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