Get A Taste of Beirut at The Best Lebanese Restaurants in Dubai

Get A Taste of Beirut at The Best Lebanese Restaurants in Dubai

Lebanese food sets the bar high for Arab food. With shawarmas, salads, and hummus dips, the cuisine is loved internationally. And in Dubai, you can find plenty of restaurants that specialize in Lebanese food.

Satisfy your cravings at the top 10 Lebanese restaurants in the city!

Allo Beirut

Easily one of the most popular Lebanese restaurants in the city, Allo Beirut serves some of the most authentic Lebanese dishes. Whether you’re craving some delicious shawarma or classic manakeesh, this restaurant is perfect to get a taste of Lebanon.

  • Location: Multiple Branches including City Walk and JBR
  • Avg. Price for two: 105 AED

Al Beiruti

Looking for a full day of Lebanese flavors? Al Beiruti has got you covered! This restaurant’s menu offers options for all three meals of the day. From labneh and halloumi sandwiches for breakfast, kibbeh, and shawarma for lunch, and knefah for some dessert, you can choose between countless options for your meal.

  • Location: Branches in Dubai Hills Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, and the Pointe
  • Avg. Price for two: 200 AED

Al Hallab Bab El Bahr

Often shortened to just “Al Hallab”, this restaurant started off as just a tiny bakeshop in Lebanon. Now, it is one of the most popular Lebanese restaurants, all thanks to its authenticity. Among the traditional dishes, you can also find some delicious seafood on their menu, and a huge selection of sweets and desserts.

  • Location: Multiple Branches including Mall of the Emirates and Dubai Mall
  • Avg. Price for two: 220 AED

Al Nafoorah

This restaurant is undeniably one of the fanciest Lebanese restaurants in the city. This award-winning restaurant offers some delicious meals with a stunning view of Burj Al Arab.

  • Location: Jumeirah Al Qasr
  • Avg. Price for two: 450 AED

Al Safadi

This restaurant has been serving customers for over two decades. Since its opening, it has established itself as one of the most original eateries in the city. Of course, while providing traditional cuisines and dishes, the restaurant also caters to different diets including vegetarians.

  • Location: Multiple branches including the Pointe, Motor City, and Diera
  • Avg. Price for two: 225 AED

Al Mallah

Image Source: Mitzie Mee

Starting off as just a juice stand in a Dubai corner, Al Mallah has since become a staple for Lebanese food. Offering different grill platters, mashrooha, and of course the ageless shawarma, the restaurant has proven itself to be a must-visit for the best food.

  • Location: Diyafa
  • Avg. Price for two: 40 AED


Leila is the perfect place for those who are craving some yummy Lebanese food while also trying to stay healthy. Offering a wide variety of salads, including Tabbouleh and Fattouch, and other low-fat meals, it’s the ideal place to visit for some nutritious meals.

  • Location: Branches in Mirdif City Centre and Emaar Boulevard
  • Avg. Price for two: 250 AED

Beirut Khanum

Not only does this restaurant offer delicious meals with gorgeous views, but it also prides itself on the celebrities that have visited. Actors and influencers from all over the Middle East have praised Beirut Khanum for its yummy menu and amazing atmosphere.

  • Location: Downtown Dubai
  • Avg. Price for two: 245 AED


As soon as you walk into Zaroob, you’ll feel transported to the lively streets of Lebanon. The vibrant restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether you want a traditional Lebanese breakfast, main courses like falafel or manakeesh, or even dessert, you can find it all at Zaroob!

  • Location: Multiple branches including Dubai Marina, Motor City, and Ibn Battuta Mall
  • Avg. Price for two: 140 AED


This affordable restaurant is all about passion and love in each dish. Jabbour offers a fusion between traditional Lebanese dishes and international cuisine, making it ideal for any cravings.

  • Location: Barsha Heights
  • Avg. Price for two: 150 AED

All that’s left to say now is…Yalla Habibi! Don’t miss out on an unforgettable opportunity to explore Lebanese cuisine!

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