Google now allows users to track when flight tickets are cheapest

Google now allows users to track when flight tickets are cheapest

According to Google, this functionality will assist travelers in determining whether they should hold off for a potential reduction in ticket prices or make an early booking to prevent a surge in costs.

Who doesn’t want to save on flight tickets? Once we have chalked out our travel plans, the next thing is to compare the flight prices and zero in on the cheapest available ticket as per our schedule. Now, Google has rolled out a new feature that will tell us the right time to book flight tickets and save money.

Google announced the new feature in a blog post on Monday. According to it, the feature will help travellers decide if they should wait for the ticket price to get lower or book the flight at the earliest to avoid a price hike.

Google Flights already allows users to know if the current prices for the flights they have searched for are low, typical, or high compared to past averages for the same route. But with the added feature, users can see when the prices have typically been the lowest based on the available data trends for that particular flight.

“For searches with reliable trend data, you’ll now see when prices have typically been lowest to book your chosen dates and destination,”

Google said.

For instance, if you are planning a trip to Prague from Dubai this Christmas, then Google Flights will now suggest if you should book the flight now or wait more to grab the best deal.

The new feature supplements Google’s existing price tracking and price guarantee features. Users can turn on price tracking if they choose to wait for the flights to get cheaper. When the ticket prices drop significantly for specific dates, Google notifies the users allowing them to book instantly and save money.

The price guarantee features can help you save on flight tickets. According to Google, some flight results have a colourful price guarantee badge. The badge means that the ticket price will not get any cheaper. However, if you book any of these flights and the price gets lower on any day before departure then Google will pay you the difference via Google Pay.

But Google said,

“These price guarantees are part of a pilot program available for select Book on Google itineraries departing from the U.S.”
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News Source: Khaleej Times

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