Government entities and tech companies innovate remote work solutions

Government entities and tech companies innovate remote work solutions

The office of the Minister of State for Artificial intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications organised the "Inspiring solutions to developing Remote Work Performance" workshop at the CodersHQ, one of the national programmes for Coders initiatives, aiming to share best practices on workload distribution by teams.

The workshop discussed best practices in design effective mechanisms of performance monitoring when applied to a significant number of employees, and best practices innovate a flexible plan to evaluate remote work in the administrational and non-operational occupations.

Directors, managers, and human resources employees from government entities and global companies including; Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, Majid Al Futtaim Group, Microsoft, Zoom, Dell, Deel, Talabat, and Amazon attended the workshop; enabling them to identify challenges with leading platforms in technology, inspire to design remote work solutions and support the continuance of the work systems.

Saqr Bin Ghalib, Executive Director of the Minter of State for Artificial intelligence, Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications Office, stated that remote work concepts is a new future approach that requires cooperation and involving government entities as well as private sectors globally, to collaborate and design proactive solutions tackling challenges arising in remote work applications when deployed on the entity and employee stages to achieve flexibility in work systems and keeping up with competitiveness and productivity.

He added that Remote work is the leading supporter of accomplishing digital transformation in government systems and private sectors in a secure digital environment. The workshop is an effective tool in developing a flexible system that adopts advanced work performance and ensures employees’ well-being.

Bin Ghalib pointed out that these discussions that allow entities and global companies to share their experience, ideas, and challenges enable a positive change in remote work systems and build a leading national model that enhances readiness for future approaches.

Zayed Al Qahtani, Director of the Performance Appraisal & Follow Up Department at the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, stressed the importance of this workshop and providing an opportunity to get to know the best practices which are implemented in the private sector regarding performance appraisals for the employees who have been working remotely and exchanging the best experiences in this regard.

He pointed out that the deliverables of this workshop have been highly important to proposing innovative ideas and new practices regarding the smart applications of remote work as they play an important role in the ensuring high-quality services for the customers and being fully prepared to face any emergency that may occur in the future. Furthermore, he highlighted that this is an important experience particularly with regards to introducing the best practice in the field of smart applications to measure productivity and the performance of employees working remotely.

He expressed his appreciation for the Office of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Economy and Remote Work Applications for their efforts in organising this workshop. He pointed out that there will be further extensive collaboration between the public and private sectors on the one hand, and the most prominent technology companies at the international level to exchange visions, ideas, and discuss the latest developments in the field of remote work applications and measurement of productivity.

The workshop mainly discussed challenges in implementing remote work applications in government entities and private sectors across the UAE. It also allows global companies to share their points of view tech-wise to create innovative solutions, the way to ensure remote work efficiency, success stories’ dialogues, and best practices implemented around the world.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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