6 paid services offered by Dubai Mounted Police

6 paid services offered by Dubai Mounted Police

Station can also perform all procedures to participate in races, including registering the jockey and the animal, providing a vet and a coach.

Within their endeavours to build strong community relations, the Dubai Mounted Police Station offers seven paid services for members of the public. These services include:

  • Horse riding school, qualifying riders for endurance races
  • Horse livery services
  • Equine-assisted therapy for people of determination
  • Mounted Police parades
  • Horse rental services
  • Horse transportation service
  • Horseback riding trips in the desert, and pony riding

According to expert Major General Muhammad Issa Al Adhb, Director of Dubai Mounted Police Station, mounted police patrols enhance the safety and security of community members and play a pivotal role in spreading peace among them.

Major Dhahi Salem Al Jallaf, Deputy Director of the Mounted Police Station, noted that the station is proud of its long list of achievements since it was first established in the 1970s, noting that 274 people benefited from its services between January 2022 and last August.

"As many as 81 people took horseriding lessons with our highly qualified trainers, 33 left their horses in the care of Dubai Police livery during their absence, one rider was qualified for endurance races, 40 others enjoyed trips on horseback in the desert and pony riding, 28 horses were transported, and 29 Mounted Police parades were performed,"

Maj. Al Jallaf elaborated.

"All services are available to the public. Whoever wants to get our services may reach us at or contact Dubai Police Call Centre 901,"

Maj. Al Jallaf added.

Horseback riding school

The Dubai Mounted Police Station takes pride in being the equestrian training school for hundreds of cadet officers of Dubai Police Academy who graduate with professional horse riding skills and comprehensive knowledge in stable management. The station offers horse riding lessons for both genders of all ages and provides the most modern training at the highest levels for people interested outside the police community too.

Having a rich history of delivering classes to students and participating in local and international forums, the instructors of the station are highly qualified with adequate experience and background in training different groups of people with the appropriate methods accordingly.

The station also paves the way for those who wish to qualify for endurance races by training them on horse riding for long distances, helping them gain physical fitness and guiding them on how to deal with horses in all circumstances.

The station also handles all necessary procedures required to participate and qualify in races, including jockey and horse registration and the provision of a veterinarian, escorts, and a coach.

The Dubai Mounted Police Station also has different pony breeds to attract children to start their equestrian journey early. The station also organizes trips to enjoy the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset of the desert.

Horse livery

The station offers a boarding service for horses in the newest and fully maintained and equipped facilities. It provides a spacious training arena, air-conditioned stables, and barns with high-quality bedding material of wood shavings.

Horses will be well fed, cleaned, groomed and trained. Qualified farriers will attend to horseshoeing the equine while a group of veterinarians monitor the horse's well-being around the clock. The station also provides horse training service upon request.

Therapy for people of determination

Aside from its partnership with the Community Development Authority, the station is now offering hippotherapy sessions for people of determination with the supervision of trained physiotherapists. Professionals use this form of physiotherapy to help people of determination benefit from the motion of the walking horse to provide therapeutic movement.

Riders may carry out a series of exercises or just gain benefits from the horse's movement. The horse's walking motion mimics the human gait, which means that the rider has to make small adjustments to their posture, thus exercising their core muscles.

Horse parades and horse rental services

Horses are always a charming and head-turning addition to any occasion and event. Therefore, Dubai Police offers the public members a chance to request riders from the Mounted Police to perform on special private and public occasions, dressing in traditional Emirati white clothing and waving the national flag, in addition to offering Dubai Police horses and ponies for rent.

Horse transportation

The station offers a local horse shipping service with various options to transport horses across the UAE. Air-conditioned and camera-equipped trailers and trucks are available to transport two to nine horses conveniently.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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