How to Obtain a Tour Guide License in the UAE: Fees and Process Explained

How to Obtain a Tour Guide License in the UAE: Fees and Process Explained

The demand for tour guides is high and is anticipated to increase in 2024, creating 23,500 new job opportunities.

Regardless of the season, tourists can always be spotted sightseeing in the UAE, capturing memories against the backdrop of the country's stunning dunes and glimmering skyscrapers. This constant influx of tourists, even during Ramadan or the peak summer months, drives high demand for tour guides, a need expected to grow in 2024 with an estimated 23,500 new vacancies.

To become a licensed tour guide in the UAE, each emirate offers distinct courses and processes. Here’s a concise guide:


Dubai's government offers an entirely online licensing program for aspiring tour guides over 18, available in English and Mandarin. Required documents include a no-objection letter from the sponsor, police clearance, an attested high school certificate, an English proficiency certificate, a first aid certificate, Emirates ID, and a passport-sized photo. The English course costs AED 7,500, while the Mandarin course costs AED 9,810. For Emirati nationals, the course is free.


  1. Create an account on
  2. Submit the required documents.
  3. Pay AED 750 for the program.
  4. Complete the 'Dubai Way' program and final assessment.
  5. Pay AED 1,520 for the knowledge assessment and interview.
  6. Pay AED 5,250 for skills development.
  7. Complete the skills development and practical assessments.
  8. Fill out a feedback form and receive the license within two working days.


Sharjah’s Commerce and Tourism Development Authority offers various programs for those over 18, such as beginner and advanced tour guiding courses, and specialized tours with Sharjah Museums Authority and Mleiha Archaeological Centre.


  • Copy of valid passport and residency visa (for non-Emiratis)
  • Copy of national ID
  • Personal photograph
  • Updated CV
  • Educational qualifications
  • Good conduct certificate valid for 3 months

Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, the tour guide license process is handled through the TAMM platform under the Department of Culture and Tourism. It is free for UAE nationals and children of Emirati mothers; expats pay AED 2,700.

Documents Required:

  • Emirates ID
  • Good conduct certificate
  • First aid certificate
  • Passport copy and photo
  • Residency visa copy


  1. Watch an awareness session on the TAMM platform.
  2. Log into the platform, review the training calendar, and join a cohort.
  3. Pay the fees.
  4. Complete the training and assessment.
  5. Receive the tour guide license.


Ajman offers a licensing system for those at least 18 years old. The cost is AED 3,255 for new tour guides and AED 2,205 for those licensed in other emirates.


  • High school certificate or equivalent
  • Valid residency visa and Emirates ID
  • Proof of passing an English language test
  • Existing tour guide license (for those licensed elsewhere)


  1. Apply through the Government of Ajman's website.
  2. Submit the required documents.
  3. Pay the fees.
  4. Undergo training and take a knowledge assessment.
  5. Receive the permit within one day after passing the assessment.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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