How to pay fines for consuming food or drinks on Dubai's metro or bus

How to pay fines for consuming food or drinks on Dubai's metro or bus

Dubai's RTA has established penalties for infractions occurring on public transportation, including eating or playing loud music.

Passengers who violate regulations on RTA public transport, including buses and Dubai Metro, are required to pay the designated fines. Residents using Dubai Metro and found consuming food or beverages in restricted areas will face a fine of Dh100. The same penalty applies to RTA bus commuters who eat or drink in prohibited locations. However, individuals caught drinking alcohol or smoking within public transport modes, facilities, or services will be subject to a penalty of Dh200.

  1. Payment on the spot: The passenger can pay the fine directly to the inspector who issued it at the time of the violation. Upon issuance, RTA sends a notification specifying the fine amount.
  2. Online payment: The RTA website features a dedicated portal where fines can be paid conveniently online.
  3. RTA Customer Happiness Centres: These centers located throughout the city provide fine payment services. Simply provide the fine number received from RTA at the time of issuance.
  4. Self-service machines for bus passengers: Fines can be paid through self-service machines available for the convenience of bus passengers.

Disputing your fine

If you believe that you have been unjustly fined, RTA provides a mechanism for contesting the penalty.

Follow these steps to initiate the dispute process:

  1. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents ready.

For Metro violations: These documents include the fine number indicated on the notification, a receipt of fine payment (if paid through an inspector or service centers), a copy of the fine notification form, a copy of the Nol card or the card number printed on the back of the Nol card, a copy of the visit visa along with the entry stamp and passport copy (for customers holding a visit visa), and any other supporting documents that can strengthen the appeal application.

For bus violations: You will need the fine number stated on the notification, a receipt of fine payment, a letter containing the bank account number, and your Emirates ID.

2. To contest your fine, the process varies depending on the mode of transportation:

For Metro violations: Only email correspondence is accepted. You must send an email to with the subject line "Fine appeal" along with the fine number. Attach all the relevant supporting documents to the email.

For bus violations: Visit the RTA website and utilize the dedicated section for fine appeals. Upload the necessary documents as specified.

Within 30 days of receiving the fine, you must initiate the dispute process. After submission, you will receive an SMS from RTA containing your unique case number and the expected date of response. RTA will subsequently notify you of the decision regarding the appeal—whether it has been accepted or rejected. If your appeal is successful, the fine amount will be refunded to your account.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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