Indulge in a surreal Iftar experience at the famed waterfalls in Expo City Dubai this Ramadan

Indulge in a surreal Iftar experience at the famed waterfalls in Expo City Dubai this Ramadan

'Long' Iftar table, extensive food options among offerings as part of the destination’s 50-day Hai Ramadan festival.

For the first time ever, select Expo City Dubai visitors will get the chance to dine at the Surreal waterfalls. The city is opening up the most visited spot at the Expo site for corporate Iftar events.

Corporates can sign up to host Iftar — the meal eaten after sunset during the holy month of Ramadan — for employees.

“We will be hosting an opportunity for guests to dine at Expo City Dubai’s Surreal waterfall. Surreal has wowed audiences and countless visitors through mesmerising sights and sounds in a synchronised spectacle of music and water. Now, people can have a singularly unique and private experience of being in this iconic space as part of our corporate Iftar offering,”

said Dalya Kattan, creative studio director - Events & Entertainment.

One of the biggest crowd-pullers during Expo 2020 Dubai, the gravity-defying water feature combines water, fire, and music. The 13-metre walls are swept over by gushing water which then appears to flow upwards.

The corporate Iftar offering is part of the 50-day Hai Ramadan festivities that Expo City Dubai is hosting for the holy month. The festival will run from March 3 to April 25.

Long communal Iftar table

When asked if the city will host a mass Iftar for visitors, Kattan said the festival will create a sense of community.

“While we have a significant array of food and beverage options for families, children and large groups to enjoy, we will also have a long communal table that will weave throughout our dining district, naturally allowing people to sit together, share a meal and perhaps make new friends through spontaneous interactions.”

Food experiences

The official announced that Expo City will have “extensive” F&B offerings to take on those “extra powerful Ramadan cravings”.

“Whether it’s something savoury and spicy, full of carbs, or green and healthy, we made sure to cover the entire flavour spectrum. We also know that no Ramadan meal can go without a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth, so visitors would be wise to leave some extra space for our amazing desserts, baked goods, delicious drinks and much more.”

She said organisers took account of the unique needs of visitors, whether it’s a large family, individuals who want a private experience, people who need something fast and easy, and more.

“Whether you want to dine in a restaurant or have a grab-and-go meal, you’ll have multiple options available. We will also have street vendors who specialise in quick items such as fresh samosas, delicious sweets and more. At every price-point, you’ll find something that takes care of your appetite.

“We also have been particularly mindful of accommodating all kinds of dietary restrictions or preferences, ensuring that anyone who comes to Expo City Dubai’s Hai Ramadan will find something just for them,”

Kattan added.

News Source: Khaleej Times

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