IHF World Hospital Congress to kick off tomorrow, focuses on green hospitals, and innovations in healthcare

IHF World Hospital Congress to kick off tomorrow, focuses on green hospitals, and innovations in healthcare

The 45th IHF World Hospital Congress, will kick off on November 9 under the theme "Achieving Sustainability and How Should We Look in 2030?".

The three-day conference, which Dubai won the bid to host, will be an important platform for senior officials, doctors, experts, and decision-makers from health institutions all over the world to share experiences and develop medical protocols for hospitals.

Dr. Ramadan Al Blooshi, Chair of the IHF Organizing Committee, said that the conference will cover a wide range of topics related to the most recent advancements and progress in healthcare as well as the opportunities and challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the significance of adopting effective health systems and smart solutions to address these challenges, and the modernization of diagnostic means and treatment systems, as well as supporting medical research related to the safety of patients in clinics, hospitals, and other facilities.

The conference will also cover the challenges in providing healthcare that hospitals around the world face, workforce solutions in healthcare, patient-centered comprehensive healthcare, dealing with the burden of various diseases, and the use of best practices, innovations, smart solutions, and the use of digital technology in the healthcare sector in order to provide sustainable health services to members of the society and ensure their sustainability during and after crises.

The conference sessions will focus on green hospitals, best practices, and innovations in healthcare that address climate change and its impact. These topics will be covered through a variety of supply chain management strategies, adjustments to clinical care, hospital design and development, use of cutting-edge technology solutions, sustainability focus, governance, and other topics.

Dr. Ramadan Al Blooshi stated that there will be 30 workshops that include different medical activities with the participation of young executive leaders from a number of worldwide institutions.

News Source: Emirates News Agency

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