Interview with Roman Shimansky, MENA Region Business Director of Yango Play, An All-In-One Entertainment SuperApp

Interview with Roman Shimansky, MENA Region Business Director of Yango Play, An All-In-One Entertainment SuperApp

As Yango Play makes its debut in the market, the GCC audience braces for a revolutionary streaming experience. Under the visionary leadership of Roman Shimansky, Yango Play is leveraging the power of AI to redefine the way we experience entertainment.

Explore the dynamics of this entertainment app as Roman Shimansky, MENA Region Business Director, sheds light on the inspiration and innovation that sets Yango Play apart, creating a buzz across the region.

Yango Play — all-in-one entertainment superapp

The launch of Yango Play heralds the arrival of an AI-powered app for unprecedented entertainment experiences. The app offers diverse content, from Arabic cinematic treasures to international blockbusters, top-charting music, and engaging mini-games. The platform takes pride in prioritizing the promotion of Arabic content and supporting local talents of the MENA region. Yango Play has collaborated with filmmakers across the UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Egypt, and beyond.

To further enhance the engagement of its users, Yango Play has introduced the 'City'. This feature allows you to create and develop your digital city through various mini-games. From watching movies to streaming music and playing games, every user interaction directly contributes to the evolution of the digital city.

The unique selling point of Yango Play lies in its innovative use of AI technology, establishing a new benchmark in the MENA streaming market. This aids them in delivering personalized content experiences across a diverse range of offerings.

A key player in Yango Play's success is 'Yasmina', a human-like AI assistant designed to elevate user interaction. Yasmina functions seamlessly in both Arabic and English. It addresses the diverse linguistic needs of the region, understanding major Arabic dialects such as Khaleeji, Egyptian, and Lebanese. Beyond mere interaction, Yasmina plays a crucial role in personalizing the entertainment journey for users, offering music recommendations, engaging in conversations, and providing assistance across various inquiries like daily weather updates and important calendar events. Additionally, this AI-driven approach provides Yango Play with valuable insights into user preferences. With the help of Yasmina, Yango Play has been able to heighten its user engagement, setting it apart from other traditional entertainment services.

The continuous learning and updates incorporated into Yasmina's programming contribute to the constant refinement of her linguistic capabilities. This also creates an inclusive and accessible experience on the platform. Along with expanding Yango Play’s audience, it also fosters cultural appreciation playing a vital role in the platform's growth and global outreach.

What really sets it apart from other streaming services in the region is its commitment to promoting and supporting local content and talent in the MENA region. Yango Play showcases films and television series created within the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and beyond. Shimansky says,

"Yango Play is committed to championing local content and talent within the MENA region, distinguishing itself from others."

The platform offers a curated blend of Arabic and English content that not only entertains but also celebrates the rich pool of talent in the region. This dedication is particularly evident in their exclusive Ramadan lineup, which highlights a diverse array of Arabic content, including engaging family dramas, comedies, and innovative series. Roman also explains how the platform has been a trailblazer at bringing the vibrant talent of the Arab world to a global audience.

Shimansky shares that Yango Play tries to maintain a dynamic content library by combining data-driven insights and a profound understanding of cultural trends. The platform adopts a comprehensive strategy for content acquisition and curation. The team actively collaborates with regional and international studios, independent filmmakers, and music producers to secure diverse and engaging content. Each piece undergoes meticulous assessment for quality, production values, and potential impact with a goal of curating a library that is both enriching and entertaining.

To ensure subscribers have access to unique and compelling material, the team acquires exclusive rights to premiere select movies and series. Shimansky also highlights the platform's ambition to create unique Yango Play multilingual original content from different countries.

Personalization takes center stage in Yango Play's music streaming services. Shimansky states,

"Central to Yango Play's innovation is an AI-powered endless music stream that tailors personalized playlists for users."

This technology crafts personalized playlists that spotlight regional gems based on users' preferences. Each user will therefore have a tailored experience that will evolve with their personal choices. Leveraging advanced analytics and AI, Yango Play analyzes viewing patterns, genre popularity, and user feedback to identify resonant content.

Additionally, the personalized recommendation system considers thousands of factors, incorporating features like and dislike buttons, skips, track completion, and more. These elements shape the algorithms' understanding of user preferences, continually refining the system. You can also directly influence the system through customization options, choosing mood, language, and other parameters.

In line with the launch of Yango Play, the platform offers a 60-day free subscription model, allowing users comprehensive access to the platform's features. The team aims to establish trust and familiarity during this period that will lay the groundwork for sustained engagement. The team is hoping to maintain subscriber interest through regular updates, original content, and exclusive partnerships with production houses.

Following the trial period, the platform will transition to a subscription model priced at 29.99 AED per month. The users can then access the platform across multiple devices.

"Success and user satisfaction at Yango Play are measured through a combination of quantitative and qualitative metrics,"

says Roman Shimansky.

This involves tracking subscription growth rates, user engagement statistics (including time spent on the platform and content viewership rates), and monitoring churn rates. The platform emphasizes direct user feedback through surveys, social media interactions, and customer support channels. This comprehensive approach ensures continuous refinement of offerings helping Yango Play to evolve according to the needs and preferences of its users.

Addressing growing concerns about cybersecurity and data privacy, Shimansky reassures users that Yango Play prioritizes the safety and privacy of subscriber information. The team has taken robust measures to safeguard the sensitive information of its subscribers. The company maintains high-security standards aligned with local regulations and adheres to Android and iOS requirements for handling user data. Ensuring the utmost priority on user privacy, it employs advanced encryption standards for user data, encompassing personal details and viewing preferences. Routine security audits and assessments are conducted to proactively identify and address potential vulnerabilities within the system.

Yango Play's integration into Yango's portfolio signified a strategic expansion that aligned with the company's overarching vision in the technology and service industry. Initially established as a ride-hailing service, Yango has undergone a transformative evolution into a versatile platform, catering to diverse community needs globally. Yango is dedicated to bridging the gap between global advancements and local requirements. The introduction of Yango Play serves as a pivotal step in this trajectory, employing AI technology to penetrate new markets and provide users with an unmatched entertainment experience.

Looking into the future of Yango Play, Shimansky has ambitious plans for expansion, in terms of demographics and content. The platform is poised to enter new markets, aiming to share its unique entertainment blend with a broader audience. To diversify content offerings, Yango Play is actively exploring partnerships with both international and regional studios. Beyond regularly updating content, the team has a vision to launch original movies and TV series on the platform.

With the fusion of technology and a commitment to local talent, Yango Play is setting new standards for streaming services in the MENA region.

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