Interview with Khalid Shaikh, CEO of Sokos Café, Region's First NFT Café

Interview with Khalid Shaikh, CEO of Sokos Café, Region's First NFT Café

The recent years have witnessed NFTs gaining substantial traction, especially in the arts and collectibles market. Nestled in the heart of Dubai, Sokos Café is the region’s first NFT-themed café combining physical art with digital ownership through Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This café has spearheaded an innovative ecosystem that empowers artists and collectors while redefining the traditional café experience.

Discover more about the ambitious journey of this café through its ingenious CEO, Khalid Shaikh, as he unveils the inspiration behind Sokos Café.

The concept behind Sokos Café was inspired by the burgeoning trend of NFTs and the increasing market for digital assets. Recognizing the potential of NFTs beyond the digital realm, Khalid envisioned a novel application for these tokens. He integrated them with physical artworks, sports memorabilia, and collectibles. This innovative approach ensures that patrons not only own the tangible item but also possess its digital counterpart on the blockchain as an NFT thereby preserving the authenticity of each piece.

Sokos Café also tries to nurture a symbiotic relationship by establishing a supportive ecosystem that guarantees artists and collectors receive royalties. Khalid emphasizes,

“We ensure that those associated with us, whether artists or collectors, receive their due recognition and rewards through our robust royalty program.”

At Sokos Café, you are offered an immersive experience. Every aspect of the space is intricately woven with the NFT theme. From the captivating artworks adorning the walls to the exquisite collectibles on display, the entire ambiance revolves around the concept of digital ownership and physical artistry. You can explore the world of NFTs by diving into the comprehensive details of each piece showcased on the Sokos NFT Marketplace. The team is set for an exciting launch; NFT Coffee Exchange. By purchasing an NFT of a particular coffee, you will be entitled to hold a share of the profits generated from that specific brew for three months.

Sokos NFT marketplace serves as a digital haven for collectors and artists alike. The platform offers a seamless avenue for individuals involved in the NFT space enabling them to easily navigate and showcase their artworks or collectibles. Through a meticulous due diligence process, the café ensures that each piece meets a certain standard. Once the evaluation process is complete and agreements are reached with the artists and collectors, the selected works are then made available for public viewing and purchase on the Sokos marketplace.

Sokos also has a digital platform,, showcasing a diverse array of collectibles. Through a simple online registration process, both artists and collectors can easily access the platform. When you explore the physical art pieces either in the café or on the platform, you will find information about the origin and significance of each artwork.

Khalid says,

“Whatever you are buying on or from Sokos Café, you are getting a legit product plus the benefit for NFT collectors or NFT artists is we have a royalty program.”

Shaikh organizes regular events and exhibitions at the café. These NFT events at Sokos Café offer a unique opportunity for visitors to engage with seasoned NFT and blockchain experts. With regular weekly and bi-weekly events, this café serves as a hub for various launches such as sports events, product launches, press conferences, and blockchain-related activities. The space is not only dedicated to fostering a sense of community but also actively supports emerging artists by hosting exhibitions and facilitating NFT and Metaverse project launches.

With Sokos Café's remarkable success resonating in Dubai, Shaikh envisions expanding this distinctive experience to a global scale.

“We are looking to expand to various cities in the region, with Singapore, Riyadh, and Bahrain on our radar”,

he shared. With Sokos Café, he aims to offer the unparalleled NFT and café experience to a global audience, introducing more people to the world of blockchain and NFTs in a tangible, accessible manner.

This NFT-themed Café is at the forefront of integrating blockchain technology to facilitate seamless on-site NFT purchases. There are plenty of interesting NFTs to suit a wide range of interests, whether you are enjoying at the café or browsing the online NFT marketplace.

Sokos aims to offer a comprehensive support system for both artists and collectors, encouraging the creation and curation of valuable NFT collections. This unique approach prompts individuals to re-evaluate their possessions, recognizing the potential value of items that might have been overlooked. He heartily invites everyone to his café, saying,

"We welcome everyone, whether you are a seasoned NFT enthusiast or someone entirely new to the space. Our platform,, serves as a comprehensive guide for NFT artists and collectors, offering valuable insights and resources to navigate this exciting realm."

With a firm commitment to preserving authenticity and fostering uniqueness, Khalid Shaikh is undeniably taking Sokos to greater heights.

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