Interview with Chef Shivani Sharma, Founder of Bliss Bites Gourmet Kitchen and Café

Interview with Chef Shivani Sharma, Founder of Bliss Bites Gourmet Kitchen and Café

Bliss Bites, the brainchild of Chef Shivani, brings to the table a tantalizing array of gluten-free, millet-based delights that redefine conscious eating. With Bliss Bites, she introduces a unique culinary concept rooted in health and sustainability. In a world where fast-paced lifestyles often dictate our dietary choices, this innovative concept tries to find a balance between indulgence and nourishment.

Delve into the story behind Bliss Bites as Chef Shivani, Founder of Bliss Bites, uncovers her culinary philosophy and dedication to creating a healthy dining experience.

Inspired by her partner, Mrs. Sima Ved, a food connoisseur, and a successful businesswoman, Shivani embarked on a mission to promote clean eating. Bliss Bites was born in Dubai with a vision to offer gut-friendly, nutritious food without compromising on taste. The primary goal was to ensure that every product was locally sourced and manufactured in the UAE, maintaining impeccable cleanliness standards. She states,

“Our mission with Bliss was to make a resounding statement: healthy food can also be tasty.”

Drawing from her extensive experience in culinary arts, Shivani underscores her steadfast dedication to naturally grown and harvested ingredients. She considers gluten-free and millet-based foods as the fundamental pillars of her culinary ethos.

Bliss Bites sources its ingredients locally. With a focus on sustainability and authenticity, the team harnesses the rich bounty of the region, including dates for their natural sweetness instead of refined sugar. By prioritizing local vendors and ingredients, Bliss Bites supports the community and ensures freshness and quality in every dish.

Additionally, the company maintains a close relationship with Indian suppliers for their millets, which are naturally gluten-free and environmentally sustainable. This commitment extends to other elements of the menu, such as using organic coffee to reduce acidity. Through such practices, Bliss Bites ensures that it serves flavorful cuisine while minimizing its environmental footprint.

Bliss Bites boasts an array of signature dishes that blend local flavors with global influences. Among these, the Valley Sriracha Toast stands out as a personal favorite. Made from millet, a locally sourced ingredient, this toast is complemented by Laban, a UAE-produced dairy product, and fresh strawberries. The toast is elevated with an in-house sriracha sauce that is vegan, gluten-free, and preservative-free.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword for Bliss Bites. Viewing sustainability as enduring resilience, she underscores the importance of ingredients that withstand the test of time and environmental challenges. Millets symbolize sustainability as it requires minimal intervention to thrive in adverse conditions. Going on about one of their key ingredients, Shivani says,

"Millets are the future for the whole world. They are naturally low in glycemic index. They are here to sustain the whole earth."

By incorporating millets into its menu, which demand significantly less water than traditional grains like wheat or rice, Bliss Bites not only reduces its environmental footprint but also champions a more sustainable culinary approach.

Shivani believes in looking at the bigger picture, and understanding how our food choices affect both us and the world around us. She encourages making mindful decisions that not only promote personal well-being but also contribute positively to the environment.

Establishing Bliss Bites posed its share of challenges, particularly in overcoming customer perceptions of gluten-free and millet-based foods. People were accustomed to alternatives like nut flour which made it difficult for them to grasp the concept of clean, alternative ingredients. However, once they got to try the offerings, they found it tasty along with being light on the gut.

Bliss Bites emphasizes mindful eating as conscious food choices contribute significantly to promoting overall well-being. Shivani notes,

"Bliss Bites believes that we should be able to create wellness in every bite."

Through carefully curated portions and a focus on bite-sized enjoyment, Bliss Bites encourages customers to savor each morsel without overindulging. It is important to understand one’s eating habits and distinguish between mindful consumption and subconscious munching.

Bliss Bites operates on a product-driven concept. They place a significant emphasis on educating about healthier lifestyle choices and alternatives. By offering a variety of wholesome options, from truffles to granolas, Bliss Bites educates customers on the benefits of nutrient-rich ingredients like berries, chia seeds, and coconut sugar, while steering clear of refined sugars.

Though there are cafes and restaurants worldwide offering gluten-free, plant-based, and clean food options, Bliss Bites particularly stands out by prioritizing customer education. Through various campaigns, ingredient transparency, and active engagement on social media platforms, Bliss Bites ensures that its customers are well-informed about the nutritional benefits of their offerings. Additionally, Shivani personally engages with customers and is readily available to address inquiries and provide guidance, regardless of their location.

Drawing from personal experience, Shivani underscores the transformative power of clean eating. By prioritizing quality and listening to one's gut, she says, individuals can embark on a journey toward better health. She advocates for the inclusion of fruits, probiotics, and millet in daily diets. Embracing a cleaner lifestyle is not about restriction but about empowerment and vitality. For anyone seeking to embrace a healthier way of living, Bliss Bites stands ready to support and guide them on their journey towards wellness.

Looking ahead, Bliss Bites envisions its evolution towards becoming a globally recognized brand. By focusing on creating signature products such as bread, crackers, and cheese, Bliss Bites seeks to offer a diverse range of clean alternatives without compromising on taste or quality. Embracing a product-driven approach, the company aims to transcend geographical boundaries, catering not only to gluten-free, vegan, and plant-based communities but also to individuals seeking a cleaner, healthier lifestyle.

Under the visionary leadership of Chef Shivani, Bliss Bites aims to spearhead a culinary revolution embracing mindful eating without having to sacrifice your yummy treats.

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