Interview with Philippe Mathijs - Leadership Coaching and Advisory

Interview with Philippe Mathijs - Leadership Coaching and Advisory

A personal and professional growth journey often requires guidance from seasoned mentors and coaches. Philippe Mathijs is a renowned award-winning coach with over three decades of experience garnered from navigating diverse industries and cultures. He has carved a niche for himself and his coaching platform, Philippe Mathijs Coaching, across the GCC region.

Stay tuned as Philippe Mathijs shares invaluable insights into the founding vision of his coaching venture, distinctive coaching methodologies, and unwavering commitment to empowering individuals and organizations to reach new heights of success.

The idea behind Philippe Mathijs Coaching stemmed during Philippe’s tenure as a mentor in financial services. He realized that his advice was increasingly sought after. Initially focused on one-on-one coaching, the vision evolved as Philippe's reputation prospered both locally in the UAE and globally, particularly through his leadership in the ICF Ethics Community of Practice. Recognizing the demand for more comprehensive programs, Philippe expanded the coaching offerings to include hybrid programs integrating coaching and learning to meet the region's evolving needs. This growth trajectory culminated in the establishment of an internationally accredited ICF coaching school committed to nurturing the next generation of coaches.

With over three decades of international experience, including a decade at the C-level in the GCC, Philippe has a deep understanding of the regional professional milieu. This extensive background equips him with a profound understanding of the challenges faced by today's leaders, particularly within the GCC’s business landscape. Recognizing the uniqueness of every company, he tailors his programs to the specific needs of each client while seamlessly integrating evolving market demands. He comments,

"No two companies or individuals are the same, and as such, they require programs that are bespoke to meet their specific needs."

Philippe emphasizes the importance of bespoke programs that address specific requirements, thereby, ensuring optimal results in leadership development and organizational growth.

Fuelled by population growth, the region is witnessing a growing demand for professional coaching services. This has pushed Philippe Mathijs Coaching to swiftly adapt its programs to cater to the unique needs of this expanding demographic. Philippe recognizes the challenges faced by individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds when navigating varied work environments. Tailored solutions are offered at Philippe Mathijs Coaching to empower these individuals throughout their professional journey. Philippe’s profound understanding of market dynamics enables him to deliver customized strategies to support clients in navigating transitions and pursuing opportunities in competitive sectors.

Philippe has specifically designed coaching programs around diversity topics. These programs aim to empower executives with a deep understanding of cultural differences, thereby, enabling them to leverage diversity as a catalyst for team cohesion and success. Philippe also encourages leaders to navigate cultural nuances to foster an environment of inclusivity and collaboration. Through tailored coaching strategies, Philippe Mathijs Coaching endeavors to bridge cultural divides and facilitate harmonious work environments, ultimately driving enhanced performance and organizational success.

Drawing from his diverse experience across business risk, IT, and leadership, Philippe Mathijs embodies a multilingual understanding of the corporate landscape. This equips him with the ability to comprehend the language, experiences, and challenges of clients. He continues,

"I developed specific programs that combine training and coaching for companies seeking to enhance their teams' capabilities in these business areas. Our shared understanding of the language enriches and tailors the programs to suit their needs."

Central to Philippe Mathijs Coaching's effectiveness are tools like ProfileXT, Myers Briggs, Strengths Finder, and DiSC assessments. By leveraging data-driven insights, the team provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development. These assessments serve as a foundational framework upon which personalized coaching strategies are built.

Philippe Mathijs Coaching's mission revolves around empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their utmost potential. A notable success story from their portfolio involves a client with aspirations of reaching global leadership status within 24 months. Philippe’s team curated a bespoke coaching program centered on personal branding and outlining how the client's brand would evolve across various senior levels. The coaching sessions delved into strategies for enhancing organizational impact and transforming challenging team dynamics. The client got promoted achieving his 24-month goal in just six months.

Philippe Mathijs Coaching has garnered recognition for excellence through various prestigious awards. However, he views client satisfaction and career growth as the ultimate measures of success. He comments,

“The awards received are a drive for us to deliver more to our clients and positively impact more lives.”

Each award received fuels Philippe's determination to innovate, grow, and continuously elevate the standards of service delivery. Additionally, he provides invaluable guidance and mentorship to support young entrepreneurs in the region’s thriving market. The coaching platform equips young professionals with essential skills through practical coaching and mentoring sessions. From bolstering confidence to mastering stakeholder management and personal branding, Philippe Mathijs Coaching empowers budding entrepreneurs to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship with confidence and resilience.

Philippe envisions his coaching platform becoming a prominent entity in the UAE and the GCC, renowned for its excellence in leadership coaching and advisory services. He aims to solidify its position by developing tailored programs that address the specific needs of the region, including a forthcoming offering based on Philippe's upcoming book, ‘How Not To Be Lonely At The Top’, scheduled for release in May 2024.

Additionally, the coaching platform has devised programs aimed at nurturing the next generation of managers. These highly experiential programs hold the promise of propelling individuals and organizations to new heights of success.

By nurturing the next generation of leaders, Philippe Mathijs Coaching is primed to continue its legacy of excellence in the years to come.

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