Investor Visa Dubai: Requirements, Documents, Fees & More

Investor Visa Dubai: Requirements, Documents, Fees & More

Dubai, bolstered by decades of market-friendly government policies and favorable business conditions, is a global business, financial, and commercial hub. This dynamic city, preferred by tourists, entrepreneurs, and investors, offers outstanding business opportunities within a diverse, multicultural environment. Dubai's commitment to encouraging foreign investment is evident in its unique investment-driven visa program, providing a pathway for investors to reside legally in the UAE. This initiative supports business endeavors and enables investors to establish a secure future for their families and enterprises.

Who can apply for an Investor Visa?

Individuals aged 18 or above are legally eligible to become investors, entrepreneurs, or shareholders in any company in Dubai and throughout the UAE. This qualification opens the opportunity to acquire a UAE residence visa. To renew the investor visa, individuals must undergo a medical test, and renew their medical insurance, and Emirates ID every three years.

How does one benefit from it?

Obtaining an investor visa in Dubai comes with several benefits. The visa is valid for three years, automatically qualifying you for a corresponding Dubai residence visa. Moreover, this visa allows you to sponsor your immediate family members, including your spouse, children, and parents, to become residents of the UAE.

Having a Dubai investor visa also facilitates ease of travel to any GCC country for business or leisure. The investor status expedites the process of obtaining a travel visa to these regions, a convenience not guaranteed with an employment visa.

Another advantage is the extended period for living outside the UAE. With a Dubai investor visa, you can reside outside the country for up to one year continuously without jeopardizing your residency. In contrast, employment or dependent visas only permit a maximum of six months outside the UAE, after which your residence visa becomes void.

Furthermore, holding an investor visa and establishing a successful business venture in the UAE enhances your eligibility for the UAE Golden Visa. Introduced in 2019 to promote business development and reward contributors to the country's economic growth, the Golden Visa offers a 10-year UAE residency.

How to get an Investor Visa?

These avenues offer investors diverse options to secure a Dubai investment visa, each with its unique criteria and benefits.

Property Investment:

    • Individuals can obtain an investment visa by investing in residential properties valued at AED 1 million or more.
    • The property must be solely owned, with a maximum of 50% of its value under the mortgage.
    • Joint property investors qualify if each individual's share is at least AED 1 million.
    • The property must be residential, not commercial, and off-plan properties are ineligible.

Company Investment:

    • Investors seeking to open or invest in a business in Dubai's mainland or free zones can obtain a 3-year investor visa.
    • This involves starting a company with a minimum capital of AED 72,000 or having a share in a company with the same amount.
    • Free zone businesses enjoy complete ownership, freedom from taxes, and exemption from the need for local partners.

Retirement Visa:

    • Investors aged 55 and above can apply for a retirement visa by investing in a residential property with a minimum value of AED 2 million.

How can one apply for the Dubai Investor Visa?

Those who want to apply for a Dubai Investor Visa must follow these steps.

  • Apply for an entry permit online.
  • Apply for the investor visa at the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in person or apply via the official GDRFA website.
  • Visit any government health centre to acquire a medical fitness test. When filling the entry permit form, you will be asked to name a health centre you want to visit.
  • No objection letter from your bank
  • Bank statement
  • A Good conduct certificate from the Dubai Police
  • You need to buy health insurance as part of your visa application. Check out the different health insurance companies in Dubai to see which one suits your needs best.

Are there any other ways to obtain an Investor Visa?

An alternative method for obtaining an investor visa in Dubai doesn't involve establishing a new company. Instead, you can demonstrate your existing investments in Dubai to the Dubai Municipality.

Upon satisfying the eligibility criteria established by the UAE Government, the Dubai Municipality will initiate your file with the Economic Department. Subsequently, the Economic Department will issue a reference file number, allowing you to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Dubai Municipality. This NOC is then presented to the immigration department as part of your application for a Dubai investor visa.

It's important to note that the approval or rejection of your application is subject to the discretion of the government agencies responsible for assessing your eligibility.

What's the validity of an Investment Visa?

The validity period of the investment visa in Dubai varies based on the method through which it was obtained. Here are the different scenarios and their respective visa durations:

  • Property Investment:

Duration: 3 to 5 years (dependent on the property value).

  • Investment in a Company:

Duration: 3 years.

  • Retirement Visa:

Duration: 5 years (renewable).

Documents Required for Investment Visa Application:

For Investment in Mainland Companies:

  • Copy of passport.
  • Personal photo with a white background.
  • Trade license.
  • Bank statement for the last 6 months.
  • Immigration Establishment Card.
  • The typed application.
  • Memorandum Papers (MOA) as proof of the share of ownership.

For Property/Golden Visa:

  • Title deed for the property.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Current visa status copy.
  • 6 passport photos.
  • Good conduct certificate.
  • Bank statement.
  • Health insurance.
  • Utility bill.

For Retirement Visa:

  • Copy of current UAE visa.
  • Copy of Emirates ID.
  • Copy of marriage certificate (if sponsoring a spouse).
  • Copy of passport.
  • Copy of title deed.

What is the cost of the Dubai Investor Visa?

The Dubai investor visa cost when applying through an Amer centre is as follows.

  • Entry permit: AED 1,175 for individuals in the UAE and AED 525 for individuals outside the UAE.
  • Change of status: AED 675 (not required for individuals entering from outside the UAE).
  • Visa stamping: Approximately AED 870
  • Emirates ID: AED 500
  • Medical Tests: AED 350

Please note that there are additional charges for the immigration establishment card needed for this visa. These costs are not inclusive of the trade licence charges issued by the Dubai Economic Department.

Dubai Investor Visa For Free Zone Companies

In its effort to attract foreign investment and stimulate economic activity, Dubai has introduced free zones, where companies enjoy exemptions from taxes like Value-Added Tax (VAT), and foreign nationals can have 100% ownership. Individuals venturing into or establishing a company in these business zones have the option to apply for the Dubai partner visa, sponsored by the respective free trade zone.

However, the application process and costs for the Dubai partner visa will vary for owners and investors of free zone companies. The specifics depend on factors such as the free zone's location, the nature of the business, and other relevant considerations. Additionally, an extensive list of free zones in Dubai caters to diverse sectors like media, healthcare, and manufacturing, offering a range of opportunities for investors and entrepreneurs.

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5-Year And 10-Year Investor Visas In Dubai

The government has introduced the UAE long-term visas, including the property investor visa.

10-Year Visa Eligibility

For the 10-year investment visa, you must meet specific conditions, including public investments of at least AED 10 million. Interested parties can invest in the following areas.

  • UAE-based Investment funds.
  • Establish a company in the UAE with a capital of AED 10 million.
  • Become a partner in a new or existing company with a minimum share value of AED 10 million.

Talking about the investment conditions, you must remember these rules.

  • The invested amount should not be a loan.
  • Financial solvency for up to AED 10 million.

The 10 million has to be divided into real estate and non-real estate investments.

5-Year Visa Eligibility For Real Estate

For a 5-year investor visa in Dubai, you must meet the following conditions.

  • An investor must buy a property with a minimum value of AED 2 million.
  • This amount can be acquired via a loan from certain local banks.
  • A minimum two-year period for property retention.
  • The investor must invest in one or more off-plan properties from approved real estate companies.

5-Year Visa Eligibility For Entrepreneurs

You must meet the following conditions to qualify for a 5-year investor visa in Dubai if you are an entrepreneur.

  • The individual should invest at least AED 500,000 in an existing project or a project that has been approved by an accredited business incubator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Dubai Investor Visa application process typically take?

The duration of the application process can vary, but it generally takes several weeks to months. The specific timeline depends on factors such as the type of investment and the efficiency of the application process.

Can an individual hold multiple Dubai Investor Visas for different business ventures?

It is typically not possible for an individual to hold multiple Dubai Investor Visas simultaneously. Each visa is generally tied to a specific business venture.

Can foreign nationals apply for the Dubai Investor Visa if they invest in real estate in Dubai?

Yes, foreign nationals can apply for the Dubai Investor Visa if they make a significant investment in real estate in Dubai.

Can you sponsor your spouse and children with an investor visa in Dubai?

Yes, an investor visa allows you to bring your close family members to live with you in Dubai.

How can I check the validity of my investor visa?

You can use ICA Smart Services for UAE visa check by passport number.

That concludes our guide to the requirements for the Dubai investor visa. Dubai government’s policies have always been attractive when it comes to investment. Beyond the paperwork, Dubai offers a blend of business opportunities and a lifestyle characterized by luxury, innovation, and cultural richness.

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